Dog Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Dog in 2016

The Dog is loyal and redoubtable and in the Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016). His fine qualities will have been fired well. This will have grown up to become a busy time for him and the closing months will still be fast paced and bring good opportunities.

On a personal level, the Dog will find himself in demand. His home life will be hectic and he will give important assistance to someone close to him. There will be interesting times to share and the year’s end can bring the chance to travel as well as meet some people he does not often see. Socially, too, there will step up activity and, with horse years favouring affairs of the heart, there could be romantic opportunities for the unattached. September and December could be too broad and lively months.

The Dog could also make some pleasing purchases both for himself and his home at this time and his judgement will be a very beneficial thing. However, he will have to take care of his possessions. A lost or mislaid item could be upsetting.

Work-wise, many Dogs will experience an upturn in activity, with changes in their workplace. Although demanding, this will lead to some interesting opportunities, and for those keen to progress or looking for a position, the closing months of the year, especially around November, could see significant developments.

Overall, the horse year will have brought its pressures but enabled the dog to carry out a great deal.

The year of the goat starts on 19 February and will be a challenging one for the Dog. Dogs appreciate order and method, but goat years can be volatile, with sudden changes and plans subject to alteration. Some parts of the year may exasperate the Dog, but the goat year can also have its positive side and the dog’s subjective life can be very rewarding.

One of the values of Chinese horoscopes is that they can forewarn, and immediate knowledge can alert us to more awkwardly affected areas as well as allow us to counter these to some extent. In the goat year, the Dog will be required to accept that there will be challenges ahead and some of his plans will be affected by change and delay. In view of this, he will show flexibility and watch his sometimes stubborn tendencies. To be wedded to just one approach or idea could limit his development. Dogs, take note.

At work, many Dogs will be impacted by the change. There may be a plethora of new ideas, schemes and working practices. The Dog, who favours the tradition, will often view the advances with some misgiving. However, by exercising patience and concentrating on his duties, he will find that things will settle down and further opportunities can be yet before him. In the meantime, he needs to be watchful, alert and poised to adapt as required. Should he be intransigent or inflexible, there is a danger he could undermine his prospects.

For Dogs who are eager to move ahead in their career, interesting opportunities can arise in the wake of change, and by being alert to show interest, many of these Dogs can successfully advance their position. Speed and initiative are of the essence this year.

For Dogs who decide the time is quite healthy to move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the Goat year can be tricky but significant. These Dogs should be too restrictive in the type of position they now pursue. By considering alternatives, quite a few could be offered an opportunity to develop their skills in different ways. Goat years are times of reappraisal and adjustment and those who embrace their spirit can make a success. April, June, July and October could see curious work progresses.

Progress made at work can lead to a rise in income and over the year countless dogs may also benefit from a bonus payment or some extra funds from another source. However, this will be just an expensive year, especially as quite a few Dogs will move or carry out major projects on their home, and the Dog will need to manage his finances carefully, seeking professional help when necessary. Also, as is the right way with Goat years, delays and snags can slow down certain transactions, but if the Dog has patience, he will often be satisfied with the eventual results.

With large-scale projects featuring prominently this year, the Dog’s home life is liable to be crowded and busy. However, these can be exciting times and by ensuring that all in his household are involved in what is happening, the Dog can bestow the plans added impetus. Goat years favour a collective approach. In addition to the often considerable practical activity, there could be some family highlights this year. Whether celebrating an addition to his family, academic achievement, a personal success, an anniversary or a housewarming, the Dog will have milestones to mark. This will be a diligent, eventful and often special time for him.

When in company, the Dog can be guarded and it can often take him some time before he is comfortable with another person. This year can introduce him to quite a few different people and while he may initially be wary. In time, some of these can become firm friends. His relations with others can be crucial this year and others will value his presence and dependable qualities. March, April, August and December could see the most social activity.

Dogs enjoying newfound romance will enjoy the way their relationship becomes more meaningful over the year, while the unattached or those who have had recent personal upset could see a distinct person entering their life almost by chance.

The Dog has a talent for using his time well and, despite the fact that he will often find himself with more than enough to fulfil this year, it is important that he gives himself the chance to unwind. To drive himself relentlessly could take its toll. With creative activities favourably aspects, pursuits that allow some form of self-expression, including art, writing and photography, could inspire him. In addition, if sedentary for much of the day, he will find additional exercise of benefit. Any time and attention the Dog can give to himself will be useful and bring some balance in this eventful year.

Overall, the Goat year will demand a lot of the dog but nevertheless bring opportunities. At work, he may be uncomfortable with overall developments, but out of the changes will come the chance for him to pursue his career. Accommodation decisions can result in pressure and uncertainty, but the benefits gained can be weighty. Nevertheless, one of the most significant factors of this year will be the Dog’s relations with those around him. Their support and encouragement can bring him times of peculiar joy.