Libra Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

We have mentioned that the love life has been complicated and highly unstable for some years now. This trend is continued in the year ahead.

There are great news and bad news about this. On the one hand, the love life is freer now than it has already been. You are meeting new and exciting kinds of people, unusual kinds of people, and you appear to be like this these days. Love can happen for you in the most unexpected ways. Any time. Any place. Every time you meet someone you consider to be ideal, you soon meet another who is more the idea. It will be difficult to settle down these days.

The bad news is that many of you have been experiencing break-ups in your marriages or serious relationships. This is never fun. Uranus in your 7th house is taxing even the social genius of Libra.

If you are single, marriage or a serious relationship isn’t likely – and is probably not advisable either. You and the beloved need as much elbow room as possible. You need your collective freedom (and so does he or she).

If you are married, your relationship is being severely tested (especially if this is your first marriage). I have seen marriages survive this kind of transit, but it takes alot of work and commitment. Most people are not willing to pay this kind of price.

This is a year to enjoy your relationships as they are without trying to project too much on to them. People get lost, but love always remains. Your love and non-attachment will draw to you all your needs in love. The faces may change, but the needs will be met.

You are attracted by unconventional people. This has grown up to be a trend for some years now. Plain Vanilla does not belong to you. Your love is a genius – a high-tech programmer or engineer, a scientist or mathematician fits the bill, as do astrologers, astronomers, inventors and media people. The online world is conducive to romantic opportunity this year.

Though romance is complicated by the overall societal life – especially friendships – seems very happy. Jupiter has been in your 11th house of friends since last July and will remain there until August 11. So you are meeting different and significant people. You are making long-term friendships now. The friends you meet now are like siblings to you – and perhaps siblings or other sibling figures make the introductions.