Rat Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Rat in 2016

The Year of the Horse (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) will have not been the easiest for the rat. Some situations could have frustrated him and he could also have faced niggling problems. In addition, his relations with others will have needed care. Although he is usually skilful in this area, some disagreements may have arisen and, uncharacteristically, he may have misread some situations.

In the remaining months of the Horse year, he will need to remain on his mettle. This is no time for rush, risk or jumping to conclusions, and should he have misgivings over any matter, he should check the facts and wait for matters to become clear.

However, while the aspects advise caution, the closing months of the Horse year can be important ones for the rat. In his work, he should take full advantage of his skills and take advantage of any chances to widen his role. By being active now, he can improve his prospects for the future, especially for the much-improved goat year to come.

In the closing months of the year often being an expensive time, the Rat would also be well advised to be disciplined in his spending and wary of risk or extravagance.

The year’s end can see an increase in social activity, including the chance to react to up with some people in the rat doesn’t often get to see. He will also value spending more time with his loved ones, despite the fact that he needs to remain mindful in all his relations with others. Inattention or lapses could cause awkward moments. Throughout the horse year, the Rat needs to be careful and aware. Fortunately, most rats are, and many will fare reasonably well in the closing quarter of the horse year, but it is usually a time for caution and vigilance.
The Goat year starts on 19 February, and as it begins, if not shortly before, many a rat will sense a change taking place. This is probably a greatly improved year, with new opportunities emerging and progress much easier. Indeed, any rats who have struggled or confronted disappointments in recent times should turn their attention to the future rather than dwell on what has come before. For quite a few, this will be a year of opportunity, with the chance to ensure that substantial headway.

Also, should the rat have any concerns or niggling problems as the goat year starts, he should see if these can be addressed. Discussion could be useful, as could advice from those with expert knowledge. Action taken early on in the year can lead to the easing of some outstanding concerns.

The Rat’s work situation is especially encouraging, with the rat having more chance to take advantage of his strengths. Whether he remains where he is or is scheduled to move on, he cannot only achieve some good results this year but also impress others. As a result, when new openings occur or promotion opportunities arise, he will be excellently placed to benefit. Many rats could also benefit from openings created by restructuring or new initiatives in their place of work. March, April, August and October could see some significant developments, but in goat years opportunities can arise quickly and need acting upon without delay.

For rats looking for work, the Goat year may provide the very opportunity they have been attempting for some time. Rat’s resourcefulness and a keen personality will impress prospective employers and, once in a position, many rats will make efforts to establish themselves in their new role. For those who secure a new position or see a change of duties early on in the year, there could be the chance to undertake additional responsibilities late in 2016 or early 2016.

For rats whose work involves communication or has an expressive element, this can be a particularly successful year, and these Rats should make the most of their ideas and the opportunities that come their way. Goat years favour innovation and professional development.

Rats who enjoy creative pursuits should also look forward to receiving furthering their skills in some way. This can be just one exciting and stimulating time for them. It is also an excellent year for taking on new challenges and if there is a unique activity that appeals to the rat, he should seek to find out more. Both existing and new interests can be rewarding this year.

Finances can also see an improvement, with some rats finding a way to supplement their income through personal interest or an enterprising idea. However, while the income of any rate is set to increase, the rat does need to stay in control of his budget. If he is able, any provision he can make for more major plans, or savings for his future, could help both his present and longer-term situation.

The personable Rat always values his relations with others and here again the aspects are much improved this year. Any rats who have experienced some strains of late will find this an excellent time to try to ease these. By moving closer, talking more and, importantly, giving more time to others, they may be in a position to strengthen some relationships which have encountered difficulties in contemporary times. Here the Rat’s input and willingness can be a significant factor.

This emphasis on improved relationships extends to family life. Exchanging ideas, home projects and other activities can all lead to many enjoyable times – and achievements. Goat years favour togetherness.

Affairs of the heart are also splendidly aspects, and for any rate who is currently alone or has had some personal upset, the Goat year heralds a brighter time. Chance can play a meaningful part, with a fortuitous meeting transforming the lives of quite a few unattached rates over the year. May, June, August and September could be particularly enthusiastic months both for socializing and for meeting others.

Regardless of the fact that the aspects are very much on the Rat’s side this year, one area he must not neglect is his well-being. With an often hectic lifestyle, he needs to keep himself in decent form. Some personal care and attention, including watching his diet and general level of exercise, can make an important difference this year. Rats, take note.

Overall, the Year of the Goat will suit the Rat’s character. Being resourceful and desirous to make the most of his opportunities, he will welcome the changes that arise during it. Whether through improved work prospects, the chance of a new job, the satisfaction that personal interests can bring or the benefits of stronger relations with others, he can enjoy an often extraordinary year.