Ox Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Ox in 2016

The Ox will have seen a lot happen in the Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) and in the remaining months he will be compelled to keep his wits about him.

Quite a few oxen will face an increased workload at this time and a lot will be requested from them. However, there will be room for making progress and, for those seeking a position, taking on something new. September and late November could see encouraging developments, even if some positions offered are on a temporary basis only.

The year’s end will also see an increase in spending and to prevent mistakes or unnecessary outlay the Ox will need to manage his resources well and allow ample time when considering more substantial purchases.

The closing months of the year will also bring significant activity to his social life. In addition to address his friends, he could be invited to some lively occasions and find a friend passing on some shocking news.

Similarly, in his home life there will be a lot to be done, often including making travel plans for later on in the year. Being a capable organizer, the Ox will attend to many of the arrangements himself, but it is just as important that he talks about his plans over with those around him, especially with so much happening at this time of year. Despite all the activity, he will enjoy some special family gatherings at the close of the year.
The year of the goat starts on 19 February is able to be a mixed one for the Ox. Oxen are cautious, methodical and practical, but goat years are times of change, with a lot happening very quickly. The Ox may not feel entirely comfortable with either the advances or the general tenor of the year, but it can bring significant benefits and on a personal level there will be some particularly fine times for the Ox to enjoy.

One of the more favourable aspects of the year concerns his home life. The Ox will often be gratified himself with various projects, with his rational nature coming to the fore. As one project is expected to be completed, another will often suggest itself, and the Ox will be in a position to fill his time in satisfying and productive ways. In addition, he will find himself at the heart of family life, with many looking to him for advice or a helping hand and valuing his solid and dependable nature. For an honest opinion, the Ox has few equals and over the year he will assist many people and could advise on a potentially momentous matter. The Goat year will also have its memory domestic occasions and vows to become a full and pleasing time.

Ox’s communal life can also reward him well. His personal interests will often have a beneficial social element and throughout the year he will value the support of his friends. Whenever he has concerns he could find it helpful to share these and, if applicable, seek the advice of those with first-hand experience. In this variable year, it is important that the Ox does not think that alone. ‘A worry shared is a worry halved.’

In view of the pressures he may confront, it is also important that the Ox pays some attention to his own well-being and allows himself time to enjoy the rewards his efforts bring. Oxen who are (is) lead a balanced lifestyle will find that taking up activities in their area could open up some favorable possibilities, possibly again with a collective element. April, May, August and December could see the most shared activity.

For the unattached, romance too can brighten the year. In true Ox fashion, some romances may take some time to obtain established, but by the year’s end quite a few oxen will be enjoying the passions of constant love. Romantically, this can be only an exciting year.

In work matters, however, it can be a demanding time. For Oxen who are created in their role, the year will bring its vexations, with many changes taking place and new procedures impacting on the work these oxen do not have anything to do. Oxen favour tradition, while goat years see change – and inevitable teething problems. For the majority of Oxen, the best policy this year is to concentrate on what is required and do the best they can in not always easy situations. However, while this may be frustrating, experience many oxen have built up could be especially appreciated when problems need addressing. Amid the pressures, development is possible, and when it occurs, it will be well deserved.

For Oxen who are looking forward to receiving improving their position by moving elsewhere or seeking work, again the Goat year can be tricky. Openings could be limited. Competition keen and opportunities may vanish if not seized quickly. However, Ox is tenacious and his commitment may well enable him to secure a position, possibly in a field that is new to him. Here again the Goat year will require flexibility, but provided the Ox is ready to adapt and learn, he can gain experience that he can build on in the future. April, June and September to early November will see particularly encouraging advances.

Where finance is concerned, however, the Ox will have to be thorough. Throughout the year, he should keep careful control of his budget and check the terms and obligations if entering into any major agreement. In particularly complex matters, professional advice would be great. Also, if tempted to speculate, the Ox should be aware of potential liabilities. Fiscal matters need close attention this year and risks should be prevented.

In general, the Goat year will be a challenging one for the Ox. Sudden changes can disrupt his plans, but by doing his best in often volatile situations, he can discover new strengths and make modest progress. Importantly, he will enjoy the support of his family and close friends, and his marital life is likely to be a source of pride and happiness. Personal interests can help his lifestyle balance, and for the unattached, romance can add excitement to the year. Overall, a tricky time, but with some notable benefits mixed in.