Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Rooster in 2016

The Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) is characterized by its energy and vitality and during it the Rooster will have taken part in many activities.

In his work a lot will have happened, and staff movements and new initiatives will have had an impact. However, from pressure opportunity can emerge, and in the remaining months of the Horse year not only will many roosters have a good chance to demonstrate their strengths but also to benefit from additional opportunities. November could be particularly active for work matters.

In view of the general activity of the closing months of the Horse year, it is also important that the rooster remains mindful of the opinions of others and liaises with those around him over his projects and plans. Being strong-minded, he may like his own views to hold sway, but more consultation will lead to more going ahead, particularly with the various arrangements that will need making towards the year’s end.

The closing months of the year can also see a flurry of social activity. While the rooster will enjoy most of what takes place, a petty matter or difference of opinion could overshadow a particular occasion or friendship. All Roosters are conscious of the fact and watch their sometimes candid tendencies.

With this being an expensive time of year, the Rooster’s watchfulness needs to extend finance. He should take his time when considering more costly purchases as well as avoid unnecessary risk.

In general, the Horse year will have been a busy and sometimes demanding one for the rooster, but it will have also opened up some nice opportunities.
The year of the goat starts on 19 February is able to be a constructive one for the rooster. Rather than being continually busy pursuing umpteen different activities, he will have more chance to review and enjoy a better lifestyle balance. The rooster always wants to plan and be well prepared, but this is quite a time for living in the present and enjoying the spontaneous nature of the goat year. Admittedly, this may not always sit comfortably with the rooster (he just does what to be held and in control), but by embracing the spirit of the year he can benefit from what it will bring.

In view of the changes, the majority of Roosters will have experienced recently in their work. Many will welcome the opportunity to focus on specific duties and make more of their expertise. In addition, by interfering with their workplace and liaising well with their colleagues, they will not only find that their influence will carry more weight but that they can strengthen their position and ultimately their prospects.

Most Roosters will choose to stay with their present employer this year and will enjoy a superior level of job satisfaction. There will, though, be some who start the year frustrated by a lack of opportunity or uninspired by what they are currently doing. For these roosters, and those seeking work, the Goat year can be encouraging. However, to benefit, these roosters should not only consider what it is they want to do, but also be active in making enquiries. The rooster has style and verve, and if he has taken the initiative to, it can lead to an essential opportunity being presented. Also, as many roosters will find, events can sometimes take a surprising course this year. Some roosters will be offered a position that is different from what they have done before but uses and furthers their skills. Work-wise, this can be a satisfying year, in March, May, July, September and January 2016 seeing particularly encouraging developments.

Another positive area concerns the Rooster’s personal interests. Although he is interested in participating in a great many activities, it is important that he sets aside some regular ‘me time’ to spend on pursuits he enjoys. For roosters who have let their respective interests lapse recently, this would be a great time to think up something new. Not only can time set aside for interests do the Rooster much personal good, including helping him unwind and giving greater balance to his lifestyle, but new ideas and talents can emerge as a result. Many Roosters will take real pleasure in their recreational activities this year. Some may also benefit from the chance of additional exercise and the social opportunities their interests can bring. The Goat year is a critical one for the rooster to reconnect with himself and enjoy his talents rather than be continually driving himself on.

If possible, he should also consider providing for a holiday this year. Some roosters may also choose to combine travel with a special event. The Goat year will offer some tempting possibilities, including some very late on.

With the possibility of travel and all his other activities, the rooster will have to be disciplined with spending and make advance provision for forthcoming plans and commitments. With good budgeting he will be done most of what he wants, but this is a year which favours effective control over the purse-strings. The more spendthrift Rooster, takes note.

The Rooster will welcome the social opportunities of the year and there will be a great chance for him to extend his social network. His style and conversational skills will impress others, and for the unattached, including those who have had recent personal difficulties, the Goat year can see a significant improvement, with exciting romantic opportunities on the horizon. March, June to August and December could see the most communal activity, despite the fact that at most times of the year there will be events to be present at.

The Rooster will be keen to keep his home life organized, but with loved ones sometimes changing routine and his own numerous commitments, he will show some flexibility. In some instances the timing of certain plans may need to be altered and the rooster may be needed in order to deal with sudden advances (including some home maintenance issues) that need attention as well as supporting another person with a key decision. However, by concentrating on what has to be done, he can satisfactorily accomplish a great deal and his efforts will be appreciated by those around him.

In addition, the Goat year can see the realization of some worthy ambitions. If there are ideas the rooster has been affordable to implement or home improvements he has long wished to carry out, this would be an excellent year to proceed. Again, he will need to be accommodating and flexible, but many of his plans can be successfully carried through.

Overall, the Goat year can be a rewarding one for the rooster. If he focuses on what is happening at any given moment and uses his time well, rather than aiming to do too much, he will be satisfied with what he is able to achieve. Work-wise, he will often have the opportunity to make more of his skills and experience greater fulfilment in his role. Time reserve for respective interests can be of enormous benefit, and the gregarious Rooster will also enjoy the increased social opportunities of the year. He has much in his favour and, rather than drive himself on, can enjoy being himself and enjoy what is going on around him.