Horse Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Horse in 2016

In the horse’s own year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) he is very well the architect of his own fortune. Horse years are a chance for great undertakings and pleasing personal successes, but they can also bring disaster. In his secluded year, the horse has to be careful he doesn’t overreach himself or misjudge things due to haste. While it can be a promising year for him, it is still one to tread carefully.

In the remaining months of the year, the horse needs to stay aware. Should he have uncertainties over any situation or be in an uncharacteristic dilemma over what to be done? He should talk to those around him and take note of the fact their views. With greater input from others, some actions can have more assured outcomes.

In his work, the horse should again liaise closely with others. By being a part of a team rather than acting too independently, he can deal with his workload more effectively and achieve some strategic targets. He should be the most of any chances to network, especially towards the year’s end. Horses who are seeking change or work may benefit from an unexpected opportunity at this time and will need to act quickly. September could be a momentous month for work matters.

With increased outgoings likely towards the end of the year, the horse should closely monitor spending and be wary of making more substantial purchases too hastily.

The closing months of the year will go to an increase in social and domestic activity, and the horse is forced to keep well organized and spread out his commitments. Although busy, he can look forward to receiving some special occasions and some horses will have exciting news to share with loved ones near the end of the year.
The Goat year starts on 19 February is capable of being a constructive one for the horse. Coming after all the activity of his own year, it is a time when he will be better able to focus on his objectives. Rather than getting his attention drawn in many directions, he will feel in control of his destiny.

To help, as the goat year starts the horse would do well to decide on what he would be willing to see happen over the next 12 months. Having pleasant thoughts in mind will not only give him something to work towards but also make him more aware of what he needs to make. With focus and effort, he will find that much can become possible this year. For any horse who is starting the year at a low ebb (for some, their one year could have brought difficulties), this is a time to put a line under what has gone before and treat the Goat year as a new chapter.

At work, the aspects are very encouraging. Horses who have been nurturing hopes of advancing their career or making more of certain skills will find the goat year can present them with the chance they have been looking for. It could be the fact that they are offered training and/or had the opportunity to extend their duties. What is owned by the horse this year can strengthen both his current position and future prospects.

Countless horses will make fair headway in their present place of work, but there will be further those who are feeling staid or stuck. If these horses take the lead and explore possibilities, they could find opportunities elsewhere. Goat years encourage progress and the enterprising horse can fare well.

For horses who are seeking work, the Goat year can again open up excellent possibilities. In their quest, these horses should stress their strengths and relevant experience. With determination, they can find important doors opening for them. For all horses, March, April, July and September could see particularly encouraging work developments.

Progress made at work can lead to numerous horses enjoying a rise in income over the year. However, the Goat year can be an expensive time for the horse. A move is possible that some, with all the extra expense this entails, and travel is also strongly indicated, possibly for family or work reasons. The horse could therefore find himself spending considerably more than usual. In view of this, he needs to be disciplined and, whenever possible, budget ahead.

Domestically, this can be a particularly busy year. Horses who have been discussing moving could be there ahead. It could be a lengthy process, with many finding their eventual choice by chance. Horses who remain where they are will also have ambitious (and sometimes costly) intends to carry through which can be at the same time time-consuming and disruptive. In view of the often major decisions needing to be made, the horse and other family members need to be open and honest and mindful of each other’s viewpoints. A lot can happen this year, but it very much favours the collective effort

With so much happening, it is important that the horse makes sure more pleasurable activities do not get sidelined. If he sets time aside for others and perhaps suggests an occasional treat, his thoughtfulness will be much appreciated. Travel strongly indicated, a holiday could do everyone good. August and September could be particularly interesting months in many a horse household.

With his alert and engaging nature, the horse will also welcome the variety of social opportunities that arise over the year. Often these will be related to his interests. For the sport and music enthusiast in particular, the Goat year will hold some special delights. The horse will also enjoy visiting his friends. Some of them could give pertinent advice on an issue of concern. However, to benefit, the horse needs to listen to listen to others and take into consideration what is said. March, June, July and September could see the most communal activity.

For horses who find romance, exciting times lie in store. Time and attention will cement many a relationship this year.

With his hectic lifestyle, it is equally important that the horse gives some consideration to his personal well-being. With some tiring days and sometimes long nights, he is needed in order to allow to allow himself time to arrive and unwind. If reliant on fast foods, he will find that a more balanced diet will help. Horses, take note. Do looks after yourselves and seeks advice if feeling under par.

Overall, however, the Goat year can be a satisfying one for the horse. He will be in a position to move forward with many of his plans and by the year’s end could be astonished by all that has happened. In his work and personal interests, he will have an opportunity to put his strengths to beneficial use and enjoy some suggestive results, while domestically he will set about some ambitious undertakings. The Goat year has unlimited possibilities for him, and with good planning, purpose and use of his time, he can accomplish a great deal. As Virgil noted, ‘Fortune favours the bold, ’ and in 2016 fortunes will certainly favour the bold and enterprising horse.