Aries Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

Your 7th house of love is not a house of power this year, and this indicates that things will be inclined to remain the same. Married couples tend to stay married and singles tend to stay single.

With the 7th house basically empty (only the short-terms planets will move through there in the year ahead) there could be a tendency to ignore the love life, to not give it the attention it deserves. This would be a mistake. For as we mentioned this area of life brings great fulfilment in the year ahead. You have to force yourself to pay attention here even when you don’t feel like it.

If you are single, working towards your first marriage, you are probably happy staying single. Marriage is not considered here. However, there are stormy love affairs happening. You might not marry, but there are not in love. June and July seem especially active in this department.

If you are working towards your second marriage there will be an opportunity in June and July, but I’m not so sure that this will be translated into marriage. It would be best not to rush into anything. Let love to design naturally.

If you are striving for your third marriage, romance (and perhaps even marriage) is in the air. It could have happened in that year, but if not, the year ahead (especially until August 11) is excellent.

One of the challenges in love is Uranus in your 1st house. We have written about this in previous years, but the trend is always very much in effect. Uranus in the 1st house gives a passion for personal freedom. Freedom trumps relationships. A committed relationship is. By definition, a limitation of personal freedom and this is the question. The ideal lover is someone who will give you lots of space, lots of freedom, within the relationship.

Those had an affair with an Aries in a romantic way should take note. Bestow your Aries lover as much freedom as possible so long as it isn’t destructive. Try doing unconventional, zany things together. Try being friends with your Aries lover, not just a lover. With Uranus in their 1st house, Aries is into friendship these days. They are comfortable in that role.

In that department – friendships – the year ahead seems very cheerful and active. Friends seek you out. There is nothing much that you need to make. You seem very involved with groups and group activities – these two seek you out. New and important friendships are happening this year (and this was so last year as well).

Parents and parent figures are having a static, stable love year.

Children or children figure of the appropriate age experience genuine love this year. If they are unmarried, they could get married, or have a relationship that is ‘like’ a marriage. Grandchildren of an appropriate age also find love this year.

Siblings and sibling figures are having their relationships tested this year. If they are distinct they are not likely to enter into marriage.

Favourable numbers for love are 3, 7 and 11.