Sheep(Goat) Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Sheep in 2016

With his wide interests and an engaging manner, the goat will have had plenty to do during the Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) and the closing months will be still seen much activity.

On a personal level, the goat will be located in increasing demand, with quite a few social occasions to consider forward to. Goats who have found love over the year could find their relationship becoming more meaningful at this time. Whatever his situation, the goat will often delight in the activity – and surprises – the closing months of the year can bring.

Domestically, a dot is set to happen, including some keynote decisions. There will have to be good liaison and some flexibility as options are discussed. However, what is approved could delight many a goat, and some ideas will move swiftly ahead.

The Horse year will have also brought its demands, however, and sometimes forced the goat out of his comfort zone. Work-wise, many goats will continue to have a considerable workload to deal with. If they concentrate on what has to be done, their efforts and patience can bring some notable results, which they can successfully build on in their own year.

In the closing months of the year traditionally being an expensive time, the goal will have to be disciplined in his spending. Without care, his outgoings could be higher than anticipated. Goats, take note and keep watch on the purse-strings.

Overall, the horse year will have been a busy one for the goat. However, while there will have been occasions when he will have despaired of the demands placed on him, he will need to be well prepared for what awaits in his own year.
On 19 February millions around the world will be celebrating the start of the year of the goat and the goat himself will be excited and wondering what his own year has in store. He will be keen to make his peculiar yearly special. And it can be. But there is a but. Although the goat may start his own year with various hopes, he has to be realistic and face himself. Some of what he wishes to see happen needs to be worked towards over time. Rush or hurry can be expected to result in disappointment. This is year which favours a relentless approach. Effort and patience will yield the best results.

With resolve, however, the goat can see encouraging developments. Any goat who starts the year despondent should focus on the present rather than feel held back by what has been submitted to. By taking decisive steps, he can start to make a difference in his situation. For quite a few goats, their exact year can mark a significant turning point.

Throughout the year of the goat will also be helped by the excellent relations he enjoys with many of those around him. He empathizes easily and relates well, and during the year his ability to make functional connections can help him personally, with his work, with his interests and in other spheres too.

At work, goats who have been in the same position for some time may now have the opportunity to further their career. With staff changes likely to take place, promotion opportunities could arise and the Goat’s in-depth knowledge makes him a strong candidate. Unlike some times, when goats may feel weighed down and that their talents are being stifled, their one year will give them the chance to move ahead. For those who are employed in a creative environment in particular, this can be an inspiring time.

The aspects are also encouraging for goats who currently feel unfulfilled. Think their prospects are limited where they are and are seeking work. To help their situation, these Goats should talk to professionals and other contacts. They could be alerted to new possibilities. With assistance, backed by their own resolve, they may be able to obtain a meaningful opportunity and, once in a different position, will welcome the chance to prove themselves in a separate capacity. Such is the aspects that possibilities can occur at almost any time of the year, but April, July, August and November could be hefty, as will the initial weeks of 2016.

The headway made by countless goats at work will be traced to an increase in income. However, this will be an expensive year for the goat and to do all he wants (and more), he will need to be wary of too many impulse buys. Without care, spending levels could be more critical than he had allowed for. Goats, take note and be disciplined in your finances.

Goat invariably has a wide range of interests and these can bring him considerable pleasure during the year. For many goats who are creatively inclined, some interests will take on additional meaning. Many Goats will also enjoy sharing what they get to do with others.

The goat will also delight in the year’s social opportunities. For the keen partygoer and young at heart, this can be a fun-packed year. Existing friends can also introduce the goat to diverse people. Many Goats will widen their social circle over the year. March, June, September and December will see the most communal activity.

For Affairs of the heart, goat’s one year can have a particular one for him. Some Goats who are newly in love will marry or settle down together, while quite a few who start the year unattached will meet someone, often in chance circumstances, who will quickly become essential.

Goat’s home life will also see considerable activity and it will be very much a case of family members pulling together and supporting each other out. In many households there may be a considerable change of routine, and adjustments will be necessary. Several weeks, especially around May, could be particularly diligent. With his eye for style, the goat will also have some ideas for the home. However, these should not be rushed. The more time is spent pondering choices, the more satisfying the outcome.

Despite all the activity, if possible the goat should take a holiday with his loved ones over the year. He will make use of the chance to unwind and visit areas new.

Throughout the year, the goat will be kept busy and to keep on decent form he should aim to ensure he has a balanced diet and takes regular and appropriate exercise. To be neglectful of his personal well-being, or to take risks, could leave him prone to minor ailments. This can be a big year, but some personal care and attention would not come amiss.

The goat will look forward to his own year and during it he can fare well. However, he does need to be truthful in what he is designed to do. Rather than rush or expect quick results, he should work steadily towards his objectives and build upon his progress. This is a year that rewards the persistent effort. As ideas occur to him, or opportunities open up, the goat should, however, look forward to developing them. His extraordinary talents can lead to some pleasing results. He will also serve as helped by the pleasant relations he enjoys with many of those around him and affairs of the heart are favourably affected. The Goat year holds considerable promise for the goat himself and with a cooperative attitude he can both enjoy himself and accomplish a great deal.