Virgo Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

Twenty thirteen – especially the latter part – and 2014 were excellent love years for you. Many of you entered into solemn kinds of relationships. Many of you married. This year, your relationship will get tested. Saturn is making stressful aspects to your love planet Neptune most of the year. There will be a number respite (a little) from June 15 to September 18, when Saturn is retrograde, but basically Saturn impacts on your love planet for most of the year ahead.

These testings are seldom pleasant, but they are good. They tend to destroy relationships that were unsound or shaky to begin with. This is good. Only the best will do for you. Stress testing will reveal if love is real. And, if love isn’t real, why should we mourn when it dissolves? If love is really the testing will make it stronger. The stress will show the weak areas so that they can be corrected. Fundamentally sound relationships will be only better.

Singles will probably not date as much as usual. You seem more picky than is usual for you, which is maybe a good thing. Your focus will be given to quality rather than quantity. Social activity in general is less than usual and for the same reasons.
If you are associated with business kinds of partnerships for these too will get tested in the year ahead; shaky ones can dissolve.

Singles do not like to marry in the coming year, and maybe it is not advisable at this time. Love, if it is real, takes the time to develop – give it the time that it needs. There’s no rush.

By nature, you are welcome to spiritual and creative kinds of people. You like the poet, the musician, the actor or dancer. You like the psychic or the Yogi. Nonetheless, ever since Neptune moved into Pisces in 2012 this attraction has been even stronger.

You still be idealistic in love. You have consistently searched for the perfect love. And these days your idealism is much stronger than usual. The problem here is that your standards are so high that few mortals can live up to them. Thus there is always this subtle feeling of dissatisfaction even in basically healthy relationships. This problem as well as exacerbated these days. The cosmos have put an exclamation mark on it.

Singles are designed to meet many who seem ideal these days. The good news is the case that Saturn will show – pretty quickly – whether the potential partner is really ideal or not.

Favourable numbers for love are 1, 12 and 18.