Gemini Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

The social life has played an active role and happy for the past few years. You’ve made many new friends and have entered serious love relationships. Now it is high time to consolidate, to separate the wheat from the chaff, the fruit from the peel.

Saturn is mostly in your 7th house this year (he will be absent for only three months, approximately, from June 15 to September 18), and will remain there for two more years. This means your love relationships and friendships will get tested. These testings are not usually pleasant, but they make available for a good purpose. Valuable relationships will survive and become even better. So-so relationships will most likely dissolve. And it is good that they do not last forever. The Cosmos want the best for you, anything less gets carried away.
In the good times, when the sun is shining and the birds are singing and everything is honeymooners, we don’t really know if love is real. In such conditions communal harmony is crude. It gets enough the tough times that we learn the depth (or lack thereof) of love. This is something happening these days.

Singles are not likely to marry this year – nor do it seem advisable. In general, there is less dating, less partying and less going out. This is a year (and this holds for the next two years) where the focus should be placed on quality not quantity. Fewer friends, but good ones, are preferable to hordes of lukewarm ones. Fewer dates, but quality ones, are better than loads of so-so dates.

Saturn in your 7th house can give the impression of coldness and aloofness to others. You are not usually like this, but others could perceive you that way. They react to this Saturn energy going through you. Thus it is ready to project warmth and love to others. This will take conscious effort on your part.

Your love planet Jupiter will move through two signs and houses of your horoscope this year. Until August 11, he will go to your 3rd house. This indicates that mental compatibility is important for you to take advantage of. Love is demonstrated through communication. You need someone you can go to talk to and share ideas with – someone on the same page intellectually. Ease of communication is a major turn-on in love. Also this transit shows that romantic opportunities occur close to home (perhaps with neighbours). There will be no need to travel far and wide in search of love. Romantic opportunities will also happen in intellectual settings – at school, the library or at a lecture. You find love as you pursue your scholarly interests.

On August 11, the love planet will move into your 4th house of home and family. This signals a shift in your love attitudes and needs. From now on you crave emotional support and intimacy as much as physical or intellectual intimacy. The person who can share feelings with you is the guy that attracts you. Romantic opportunities still occur close to home and can happen through family connections or through the intervention of family members. You like people with strong family values.

Often with this kind of transit an old flame from the past proceeds with an appearance. Sometimes this happens literally – the authentic person comes back into your life. Sometimes the appearance is more allegorical. You meet someone with the same personality patterns or appearance as the ancient flame. On the emotional level, it is ‘as if’ you are the ancient flame. The cosmic purpose of these things is tantamount to resolve old issues so that you can progress further in your love life.