Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Rabbit in 2016

In the Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016), a lot will have happened very quickly and in what remains of it the rabbit will be kept busy. Sometimes he may wish he was under less pressure or had more time available to address certain matters, but amid all the activity there will be several occasions he will particularly appreciate.

In his domestic and social life, there will be a lot to do and where feasible the rabbit should try to plan ahead and so ease some of the pressure later.

The hectic pace will extend to work matters, with the rabbit often finding his workload increasing as well as additional issues (some of which may concern colleagues) requiring attention. He will need to remain focused, but some of the demanding situations he will be faced with can highlight his skills and be to his future benefit.

For rabbits seeking work, important opportunities may arise in the later part of the horse year and positions taken on at this time could have good potential for future development. August, November and January 2016 could be significant.

By nature, the Rabbit is careful, thorough and is interested in being in control, and some parts of the rather volatile Horse year will have been challenging for him. However, many a rabbit will have proved himself and now be uniquely placed to take advantage of his accomplishments in the more encouraging Year of the Goat.
The Goat year is part of the most favourably expected years for the rabbit. Starting on 19 February, it is a period for moving forward and enjoying some pleasing and sometimes overdue success.

One of the major strengths of the rabbit is his ability to do well with other people. He not only listens but also empathizes, and this is appreciated by almost all who come into contact with him. This year his personal skills will serve him well, bringing him additional support and aiding his progress. Indeed, as the goat year starts, the rabbit could find it helpful to talk to his loved ones about his hopes for the year. Some of his plans could quickly take shape. February and March can be particularly constructive months and some early decisions will help get the get year off to a positive start.

Rabbit’s work prospects are especially encouraging and there will be the chance for him to ensure that more effective use of his strengths. Many rabbits who have experienced a recent change or who take on new duties early in 2016 will have the chance to become established in their new role and achieve their objectives. For many this will be a far more fulfilling time than recent months. Also, as a result of staff movements and other changes, there will be excellent promotion prospects. However, when openings arise or the rabbit is made an offer, he is necessary in order to respond rapidly. In Goat years speed and initiative are of the essence.

For rabbits who feel their prospects are limited where they are, who would welcome the chance to do anything different or who are seeking work. The Goat year can again have momentous developments in store. To help in their quest, these Rabbits should talk to those who are enclosed in a position to assist and follow up their suggestions. By taking the initiative and showing resolve, they can be rewarded with an important opportunity. Furthermore, once in a position, these rabbits will have the opportunity to establish themselves in their new role. Goat years are encouraging and this one will see countless rabbits feeling more inspired than they have for some while. Late February to the end of April and September could see significant advances.

Development of the rabbit enjoys at work can also help financially. However, to make the most of this, the rabbit will need to consider major purchases carefully and take some time to check the details and implications of any agreement he enters into. Proceeding in haste could lead to unfortunate oversights. The rabbit is usually diligent in money matters, but in this generally admirable year he must not be lulled into complacency or rush decisions unnecessarily. Rabbits, take note.

In view of the encouraging aspects of the year, the Rabbit will be keen to pursue his personal interests, and whether he is developing an existing skill or trying out something different, he will take pleasure in what he does and the sometimes ambitious projects he carries out. Here again, this is a year of interesting and ultimately pleasing possibilities. It is equally a time when the arts enjoy increasing prominence, and many rabbits will make good use of this by going to concerts, exhibitions or special events.

With his genial nature, the rabbit enjoys company and can look forward to receiving numerous convivial occasions this year. He will further welcome the opportunity to implement his ideas by his noble friends and could be considerably helped by suggestions they make. Work changes can also lead to him making vital connections. This is only an exceptional time for networking. Any rabbits who start the year in low spirits could find it advantageous to be interested in what is occurring in their community. By becoming more involved and involved, many of these rabbits will see a brightening in their situation. March, May, July, September and December could see the most communal activity.

Affairs of the heart can also make the year special. Some unattached Rabbits will meet their future partner, while for those newly in love this can be a heady time.

In his home life, the rabbit will be the instigator of many of the improvements that will be convened over the year. Where interior design is concerned, his sense of style will be evident and several areas of his home will benefit from a makeover. He will do a lot to encourage his loved ones and will delight in some family news, especially in the last quarter of the year. Travel can also bring much pleasure. Overall Rabbit’s home life will be both active and rewarding.

The aspects are very much on the rabbit’s side this year, but, as with any year, problems will sometimes raise their head. When they do, it could be because the rabbit has made assumptions or not taken full account of his own situation and the implications involved. To make the most of the year, he needs to be meticulous, check facts and think through the best approach. Extra care and attention can make a real difference. Generally, though, the Goat year offers superb prospects for the rabbit. His personal life is favourably accepted and the unattached, significant romance can beckon, while at work there will still get a lot chances for him to utilize his strengths and make good headway. This is a big year for him and one to enjoy.