Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Monkey in 2016

The Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) often proceeds at a heady pace and during it the monkey will have been involved in a great many activities. There will have been dreams to pursue, decisions to make and ideas to implement. The closing months will see a slight let-up, with many a monkey fully occupied.

While he can generally do well at this time, the Monkey has an obligation to ensure he does not overreach himself. While his judgement is usually sound, misreading a situation or taking a risk could rebound on him. Monkeys, do keep this in mind.

At work, there will be much to attend to and again the Monkey needs to be thorough and take the time to think through his actions. Impulsiveness could be to his disadvantage. However, with care, much can be done.

In money matters the Monkey could enjoy some luck, including receiving extra funds or a special gift. He could be particularly thrilled with a purchase he makes, often on advantageous terms.

The closing months of the Horse year will also see a flurry of social activity, with the last six weeks particularly busy. In Monkey’s home life, a dot is placed at happen, possibly including travel later on in the year. With a lot to arrange, he needs to be forthcoming and take good note of the fact the views of others. With care, however, he will find the closing months of the year constructive and generally pleasing.

The year of the goat begins on 19 February is able to be a variable one for the Monkey. In some areas of his life he is seen in doing particularly well, but in others, care and caution are advised. However, by being aware of the trickier aspects, many monkeys will be in a position to steer their way successfully around them and emerge with some notable gains to their credit.

One area which will need particularly careful attention is financed. Although usually adopt when dealing with money matters, the money will need to stay disciplined and keep a strict watch on his spending levels. Without care, these could become greater than anticipated. Similarly, when making costly purchases or entering into additional agreements, he should check the terms and examine the implications. Taking risks or making assumptions may be expected to result in difficulties later. Monkeys, take note.

However, travel is favourably affected and if possible the Monkey should try to make provision for a holiday or break at some time during the year. In addition, some monkeys could be given the opportunity to visit family or friends living some distance away. Over the year, many will enjoy visiting different places and some impressive attractions.

A feature of the Goat year is the fact that it encourages creativity, and the Monkey, with his inventive nature, is never short of ideas. Over the year, it is essential he allows himself the time to develop his personal interests. Not only will he be happy in putting his ideas into practice but will very often find that one thought can broaden out into something much bigger.

He should also be separate attention to his personal well-being this year. If he is generally sedentary for much of the day or is reliant on convenience foods, he should consider ways he could exercise more and improve on his diet. Also, if feeling below par, he should know more. Extra care and attention can mean the difference.

With his genial nature, the Monkey enjoys company and can look forward to receiving an interesting mix of social occasions, in April to early June. August and September are seeing the most activity. However, while many agreeable times can be had, the aspects advise care. It could be true that a minor difference of opinion escalates, a casual remark is misconstrued or someone lets the Monkey down. In the goat year he has to be on his guard, and if he detects difficult undercurrents or potential problems with friends, he should be attentive and careful. Monkeys are generally skillful in handling delicate relations, but the diplomatic skills of quite a few could be controlled this year.

The Monkey’s home life is set to be unavailable and here again there could be issues that are worried about him. It could be that problems facing a loved one cause him some anxiety or a clash of interests arise. The fortitude – and ingenuity – of the Monkey will prove a great asset and when difficulties appear (as they will in any year), he will find that by talking these through and reaching consensus, he and those around him will often be able to resolve them satisfactorily.

Despite the fact that during parts of the year decisions, activities and commitments may seem to need the Monkey’s attention all at once, there will also be numerous pleasing occasions for him to set forward to. Joint projects can be particularly satisfying. To travel favourably aspects, a holiday, or just some time away, can do everyone a lot of good. May and August could be particularly stimulating and lively months in various a monkey household.

Work prospects can be encouraging this year and there will be the opportunity for countless monkeys to make more of specific strengths and take on greater (and more remunerative) responsibilities. The majority of Monkeys will remain with their present employer, but some could be drawn by opportunities elsewhere. The Goat year will open up some interesting possibilities.

Monkeys who are only looking for work will find that by making enquiries, including to companies which are active and expanding in their area, they can make their initiative count. Plentiful of these Monkeys will impress prospective employers this year and be offered the chance they have been looking for. It will take time, but a goat year, despite their awkward moments, does recognize the Monkey’s enterprise and can bring him some excellent opportunities. March, June, July and November could see particularly interesting developments, but throughout the year the Monkey should act quickly if an opportunity comes his way. With next year being his peculiar year, what he accomplishes now can often prepare him for the more substantial progress that lies ahead.

In general, the Year of the Goat will be a full and interesting one for the Monkey. It will contain its awkward moments, and financially and in his relations with others the Monkey has to take extra care. Nevertheless, he is astute and can often counter or avoid the year’s more cumbersome aspects. More positively, this is a critical year for travel, for developing ideas and for moving ahead at work. Goat years may be not the easiest for the Monkey, but there are still personal gains to be undertaken had this one, along with some well-deserved successes.