Cancer Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

Pluto has been put into your 7th house of love for many years now. Thus, cosmic detox is happening in your love and social life. This will go on for many more years. Impure elements – people, attitudes, relationships – get expunged and the love and social life becomes ‘renewed’ – resurrected on a better and healthier level.

Many a marriage or friendship has broken up in recent years. Good marriages, good relationships, have had ‘near death’ experiences and have emerged renewed.
Pluto in the 7th house also indicates that friends and partners have had surgical procedures over the past few years, and there is probably more to come here.

Your love planet, Saturn, was a key move in December 2014 from your 5th House to your 6th. He will spend most of the year ahead in this house. This shows an important shift in your love attitudes. For the past two years love was about fun and entertainment. It was supposed to be honeymooning all the time. It was hard for you or your partner to handle the tough times. But things are very different now. Love is a question of service to the beloved. Love is a need to show through practical service. If you love someone, you will serve him or her. And this is where you expect in return. It is a more profound, sober perspective on things.

For singles, there is love and social opportunities at the workplace and with co-workers. In fact, part of the allure of any job is the social opportunities it provides. There are interesting job opportunities happening this year, but you will probably choose the one that offers the best social opportunities.

There are also love and social opportunities as you pursue your health goals and with people engaged in your health. Health professionals are especially asking you this year. Romantic and social opportunities could also occur in your place of worship, at religious functions, or in a university setting.

Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius shows that foreigners and foreign places are utilized to love. If there is a problem in a marriage or current relationship, a transcontinental trip could bring back some harmony. There is not anything against marriage this year, but nothing that especially favours it either. There’s a lot of free will in this department.

Those working towards their second marriage had numerous opportunities to satisfy this in 2013 and 2014. This year the aspects are lacklustre. However, there are possible in spiritual settings – at charity events or spiritual seminars or lectures.

Those striving for their third marriage have a durable year romance-wise.

Parents and parent figures are having their marriages tested. This has gone on for some time. Children or children figures of marriageable age are making lots of friends and are socially active, but marriage is not included in the cards.