Snake Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Snake in 2016

The Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) will have been a demanding one for the snake and there will be not any let-up in the closing months. At times the snake may despair of the pressure – he just does what to do at his own pace –, but amid all the activity there will be benefits and some personal good times to be done had.

With so much happening, the snake will need to keep alert, stay on top of developments and be aware of the views of those around him. This is not the time to be too individualistic. When in company, he should be sensitive to others. Appearing preoccupied or distracted could lead to differences of opinion.

Of Work, pressures are likely to increase and there may be difficult decisions for the snake to make. However, by using expert judgement, he can obtain some useful results and may even find his efforts leading to further progress. October and November could be particularly hectic and eventful months.

The closing months of the Horse year can also give rise to some additional social opportunities (October again being a notable month) and there will also be much to look after domestically. To help ease later pressures, the earlier some plans are made, the better. For many snakes, there could be interesting family news or a special occasion to mark later on in the year.

Overall, the horse year will have been demanding, but the snake will have gained valuable experience that he can build on in the Chinese next year.
The year of the goat starts on 19 February and will be a pleasing one for the snake. During it he will have a greater chance to be seen the things he wants, and some satisfactory results will follow on. Also, Goat years favour creative thought and this will suit many a snake. However, Goat years are notoriously fickle and at times the snake will need to modify his actions to fit in with changing circumstances. Here his wide-ranging skills can serve him well.

This will be especially the case in his work. Although many snakes will be content to focus on their duties, advances can occur which alter current approaches and procedures. Some snakes may also be affected by internal reorganization or the need to cover for absent colleagues, and it will be a case of rising to challenges as they come up. Regardless of the fact that some weeks could be unsettling, there will be scope for numerous snakes to take on a greater role. Also, Snake’s experience can have a bearing, and whenever he has ideas or can suggest possible solutions to problems, he should put these forward. This is quite a year for involvement.

The majority of snakes can make significant progress with their present employer, but there will be some who decide to capitalize on their experience and seek a position elsewhere. For these snakes, as well as those just looking for work, the Goat year can have significant progresses. By virtue of their knowledge and reputation, some may easily move to another position and, in the process, successfully take their career to a new level. For others, the Goat year can also open up fascinating possibilities. By keeping alert to what is available, these snakes may well have the chance to use their skills in innovative ways. What happens over the year may also allow some to discover their force and introduce them to a company or industry they will remain with for some time. March, June, September and November could be momentous months, but throughout the year the snake should remain alert for opportunities.

Development at work can also help financially, and by managing his money well, the snake will be in a position to move forward with many of his plans, including some satisfying purchases for himself and his home. If he is talented, setting amounts aside for specific projects or the long term could prove useful. With care and diligence, he can fare well this year.

With his enquiring mind, he will also enjoy spending time on his interests. He could have some particularly engrossing and novel ideas and be encouraged by what develops. Goat years favour personal development and this can be a richly rewarding time for innumerable snakes. Some could become attracted by a new recreational activity and welcome the chance to attempt something different. Goat years offer possible.

The snake would also be well advised to give some consideration to his personal well-being and if his diet tends not to be sufficiently balanced or he lacks regular exercise, he should seek advice on measures he could take. Some extra care could make a real difference.

The snake is inclined to be quieter than some signs and, valuing his privacy, he chooses his friends with care. However, in the goat year he would find it advantageous to become more forthcoming. To be alone or on the periphery of events could deny him opportunities. Whether in his work, personal interests or other activities, he will find that more can be done by liaising with others and getting support.

The Goat year can also see an increase in social opportunities. March, April, August and September could be particularly hectic and pleasing months, but make the most of the year of the snake is part.

For the unattached, romance can add considerable sparkle to the year, but new relationships should be allowed to evolve (and strengthen) over time.

The snake’s home life can also see pleasing advances. Not only will love ones be keen to share in his development, but they could enjoy some deserving triumphs of their own. However, as with any year there could be tough moments as well, as delays or setbacks occur or changes in arrangements are needed. Here the Snake’s incisiveness and ability to think round problems will prove of great value. Practical plans in particular will sometimes need to be rescheduled. Domestically, a lot can be achieved this year, but the snake is aware of the fact of what is going on, mindful of others and, importantly, flexible arrangements.

Overall, the snake can accomplish a lot in the goat year and will be had the opportunity to put his strengths to effective use. In his work, his experience and approach will permit him to advance, and his interests can give him the chance to enjoy his creativity and try out new activities. He can also be greatly encouraged by the support he receives, but this is a year calling for involvement and putting himself forward. For the shy and reticent Snake (and there are some), it is worth doing everything conceivable. For luck and opportunity await those who are prepared to make the most of what this charming year brings.