Sagittarius Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

Your 7th house of love is not prominent this year. So the tendency will depend on the status quo. Those of you who are married will have a tendency to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.

Love is a little bit more complicated than usual this year. Career – especially from August 11 onwards – seems all-consuming and this tends to distract from love issues. The beloved probably is pitiful to see playing second fiddle to the career. But there is added complications too. Saturn in your sign can make people notice you as aloof, aloof and distant. You are not like this. Sagittarians are fine and loving people by nature, but Saturn’s influence is there on a subconscious, energy level. You are not all that easy to approach as you were like. Some people can feel intimidated by your presence. This does not promote love. It will take conscious effort on your part to anticipate warmth and love to others. Make it a project this year. Those of you involved romantically with Sagittarius will need to understand this.

Fast-moving Mercury (the fastest moving planet after the Moon) is your love planet. So there are numerous short-term love trends in the year ahead that will depend on where mercury is and the aspects that he receives. These tendencies are best included in the monthly reports.

Singles working towards their first marriage will most likely not marry in the year ahead. However, in the 5th house of fun bright, there will be plenty of eating and plenty of love affairs (or opportunities for love affairs). You’re not going sitting at home all alone.

Your most enthusiastic love period this year will be taken from May 1 to June 21. This is a period where you could meet people who are marriage material – people you would consider marrying.

Singles working towards their subsequent marriage have had delightful aspects since July 2014. Marriage or a serious relationship is probable. You seem the instigator here. Want to achieve this person. Those in or working towards their third marriage have a peaceful year. While those in or working towards their fourth marriage have challenges. If they are married, the marriage gets tested. If single, marriage is little likely this year, nor advisable.

With Mercury as your lovely planet communication is of utmost importance that loves. You gravitate to people who are easy to talk to, who have the gift of gab, who are smart. This is your trend by birth and it doesn’t seem changed in the year ahead.

Romantic opportunities happen in educational settings – at lectures, seminars, or even in the library.