Pig Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Pig in 2016

In the Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016), events proceed at a brisk pace and the Pig will have led a full and busy lifestyle. As the horse year draws to a close, he will continue to receive a lot to do and will see an increase in activity in his domestic and social life. Domestically, there could be important decisions to take, plans to finalize and purchases to make and the Pig will be necessary in order to allow time to review his options. More discussion and less rush, the better.

The Pig will enjoy the social opportunities that arise at the year’s end and will appreciate sharing some lively and interesting times with friends, especially in December and early January.

At work, he could face additional pressures and his skills and patience will sometimes be tested. However, in view of the increased activity, there will be the chance for the Pig to use his initiative and enhance his reputation. October could see particularly interesting developments, but given the dynamic nature of the horse year, Pigs seeking work or looking forward to receiving advancing their career could find opportunities arising at almost any time. When the Pig sees an opening, he will need to move swiftly. A little Pigs may also benefit from temporary positions towards the end of the year.

In general, the horse year will have kept the Pig business, but he enjoys activity and can enjoy some encouraging results.
The Pig relies a lot on instinct and as the goat year begins. If not shortly before, he sensed this is a time offering pleasing prospect. And his instinct will be true. The Goat year, which begins on 19 February, is all just an encouraging one for the Pig and, particularly in his personal life, special times await.

The Pig pays great attention to his relations with others and has a talent for getting on well with most people. He empathizes with others and converses well, but he also listens and takes note, and this is something many appreciate. Essentially, the Pig is a people person and throughout the Goat year he will find himself in demand.

His home life is very much expected. He will perform a wide range of activities, helping others as well as enjoying times with his loved ones. They will often seek his advice, which he will be happy to be able to be able to be able to be able to give, and there could be some notable personal and family achievements to mark too. Goat years can contain some particularly joyous occasions as well as see some ambitious plans did the home.

A further feature of goat years is the various special events that take place during it and the Pig will often be keen to attend. By looking forward to receiving doing things with his family, he will not only enjoy himself but also find his activities helping to strengthen bonds. Domestically, this can be a rewarding year.

Aspects are similarly encouraging for the Pig’s social life. For the keen partygoer and socializer, there will be many occasions to see forward to, in May, June, August and September particularly busy months.

For the unattached, the Goat year will bring good romantic opportunities. Many Pigs will enjoy newfound love. While those in the early stages of a relationship could find this strengthening over the year and some will settle down together or marry. For personal relationships, the Goat year can be an exciting time and any Pigs who start the year dispirited will believe that it can herald a brightening in their situation.

Although Pig wants to take advantage of himself, he also works hard and can often be ambitious. And, as he recognizes, the key to realizing his potential is personal development. During the year, he should utilize any changes (and some of his free time) to be added to his skills and knowledge. This is a critical year for personal growth.

Pig’s respective interests can also bring him considerable pleasure, and new knowledge and equipment can allow him to do more. Some interest-related projects will become more absorbing as he gets more played a full part.

In his work, this will be a year of steady if sometimes slow progress. Sometimes his work could be influenced by issues outside his control. However, while this may exasperate him, often in the wake of problems there can be a possibility for the Pig to demonstrate his resourcefulness, put forward ideas and sometimes utilize his skills in innovative ways. Also, with career development favourably aspects, he should take full advantage of any training that is available and make the most of networking opportunities. Knowledge, experience and skills acquired now can be taken much further in following years.

For Pigs who are keen to advance their career or seeking a position, April, May, September and October could see some potentially critical openings.

The Pig could enjoy a modest rise in income this year, regardless of the fact that he will be obliged to watch his spending. When out shopping or socializing, control over the purse-strings would be a good thing that. As well many impulse buys or indulgences could mount up and lead to possible economies later. Pigs, take note and in some instances are made available.

In general, however, the Goat year is a pleasing and potentially significant one for the Pig. His relations with others are splendidly aspects and it is another excellent time for self-development. At work, progress may be modest, but if the Pig seizes any opportunities to further his skills and knowledge, he can enhance his future prospects. This will be a personally satisfying year in many ways, but best of all will be satisfactory relations with the Pig enjoy with those around him, which, to the Pig, mean so much.