Leo Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

You have been in a banner love and social period since July 2014, and the trend continues in the year ahead until August. After that, your love goals have been more or less attained and there is less emphasis here in the concluding months of the year.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, fun and creativity, in your own sign is making beautiful aspects to your love planet Uranus, as we have mentioned. So there is no question that love is in the air. You have many options. There are many, sundry opportunities for ‘fun’ kinds of relationships, and many opportunities for more meaningful, committed kinds of relationships. You get to choose your preference. Both options are there.

In some cases, something that begins as a love affair gets more acute. In some cases, the committed relationship will seem to have a lot of fun thrown in. In your case, this year, it will be difficult to say the difference between the two.

Singles working towards their first or second marriage have excellent prospects for marriage this year. You might not actually, literally, marry, but you will get out that is ‘like’ a marriage. You will be involved with people that you consider ‘marriage material’. The stars impel, but they don’t compel. People never lose their free will.

Uranus has been in Aries, your 9th house, for some years now. Thus many of the love trends that we have written about in past years are still very much in effect. You are drawn to education and refined kinds of people, mentor types. You have the aspects of someone who falls on in love with the minister, rabbi, imam or professor. Foreigners attract you and love can easily happen in a strange land. Religious and educational settings also help to romance. You can respond to that special someone at college or a college function. For religious services or religious kinds of functions, or perhaps they are someone you worship with. Ministers or people in your place of worship enjoy playing cupid this year. The same is true with professors.

As in prior years, fun and physical intimacy are important, but perhaps just as important as a philosophical compatibility. You and the beloved need to share a similar world view and a similar philosophy of life. You don’t be needed to agree on every point, but you do have to on the basics. If this is lacking, it is doubtful whether the relationship can survive long term.

Those already married or in a relationship can enhance things and smooth over the rough spots by doing fun kinds of things together and through travel. If there are problems, go on some trip – someplace far away. Things should improve. For those of you of a spiritual bent, it might be appropriate to worship together or to attend spiritual or philosophical classes or lectures as a couple.

Those of you in or working on their third marriage will have an expanded social life this year, but the marriage seems stable. Those working on their fourth marriage have excellent aspects for marriage and romance this year.

Even in a virtuous love year, which you have, some months will be preferable to others. This is caused by the transition short-term planets and the aspects they make to your love planet. These short-term trends are best dealt within the monthly reports.

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