Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2016

Prospects for the Dragon in 2016

Dragon wishes to live life to the full. He has great energy and resolve and will have welcomed many of the opportunities the Horse year (31 January 2014–18 February 2016) will have opened up. A lot is still set to happen in the remaining months, although to make the most of this time, the Dragon has to be careful not to overreach himself and spread his attention too widely.

At work, many dragons will be given the opportunity to draw on their expertise and win plaudits for what they do in sometimes challenging situations. Some may also take the opportunity to vary their role. The closing months of the Horse year, especially October, could contain interesting chances.

The Dragon’s judgement can also help him financially at this time, particularly in view of the purchases he will be anxious to make. By keeping alert and investigating different outlets, he could be fortunate in what he buys, whether for himself, for others or for the home.

Domestically and socially, he will be placed in demand. December and early January will be particularly busy. However, amid all the activity, the Dragon will need to liaise well with others and watch his individualistic tendencies. Also, should be a rumour or another matter concern. , he needs to check to check the facts rather than make assumptions. While this is a generally favourable time for him, he needs to stay mindful of others.
The year of the goat starts on 19 February is able to be a variable one for the Dragon. He wants to get on and do things, but could find progress middling at best. However, Goat years also have their benefits and the Dragon’s personal life and general lifestyle balance will often be much improved. This is, though, a year to proceed carefully.

At work, rather than being intent on making major advances, many dragons will decide to concentrate on their current role. As a result, they will not only have more chance to put their knowledge and skills to good effect but also to enjoy some professionally satisfying results. As the year proceeds, many could benefit from additional training or fresh objectives and see a widening of their role. Regardless of the fact that the goat year may lack the opportunities of some, it can still be a constructive one, with the Dragon able to focus on his strengths.

For dragons who are called upon to move on from their present position and those seeking work, the year will be challenging. Obtaining a new position will be far from easy, but the Dragon is redoubtable and if he actively follows up opportunities, his drive, enthusiasm and sheer tenacity will lead to changes being bestowed. This may take a long time, but whenever challenged, the Dragon invariably shows great strength of character and is often able to win through.

An important feature of the Goat year is that it favours innovation and dragons who work in a creative environment will often welcome the chance to be a part of the idea-generating process. Goat years do have scope for the Dragon to make headway in work matters, but he needs to be made within the parameters set and liaise closely with colleagues rather than be a lone voice. Dragons, take due note.

April, July, September and November could see significant work developments, but generally the second half of the year will be a lot easier than the first.

A major benefit of the year will be the way the Dragon is in a position to pursue his interests. Rather than always be looking ahead, though, this is a great time to take stock and enjoy what he can do now. Some dragons may look at projects they have long considered or subjects that have intrigued them for a while and decide to find out more. Others may enrol on courses or study programmes or think about their lifestyle and well-being. They can derive considerable benefit from their actions over the year.

Aspects also encourage travel and the Dragon should try to give himself a break at some point. Whether he decides to travel a considerable distance or somewhere within easy reach, he will appreciate what he wants to talk about and do. Spring and late summer could see some pleasing opportunities.

In view of travel possibilities as well as his other commitments, the Dragon will need to manage his financial situation well. Significant purchases and transactions should be carefully considered and costed rather than rushed, and if tempted by anything speculative, the Dragon should think through the implications. Without sufficient attention, he could misjudge a certain issue and incur a loss. Financially, this is a year for thorough control.

With his engaging manner and wide interests, however, the Dragon can look forward to receiving an active and pleasing social life. Whether chatting with existing friends or making new ones, he will enjoy the numerous social opportunities that come his way. April, June, August and December could see considerable social activity.

For the unattached, romantic prospects are promising, with a chance meeting in potentially becoming significant.

Dragon will also enjoy sharing his ideas with family members and will not only be encouraged but could also find a pooling of thoughts leads to more taking place. Goat years favour the collective effort Also, rather than conducting his home life in a whirl, he should ensure that time is set aside for activities everyone can appreciate, such as watching a film, enjoying a nice meal or going on a special trip or weekend away. Here again, Goat years are ideal for getting life into better balance.

Overall, despite the fact that Dragon’s actual development may be modest this year compared to some, this can still be a constructive time for him. The Dragon may like to live life in the fast lane, but sometimes even he goes to have to slow down, and this is an ideal year to do so. To make the most of it, the Dragon should immerse himself in his current activities, give time to his own interests and development, and strive for a pleasant lifestyle balance. Then next year, when more ample opportunities will come his way, he will be ready.