Aquarius Love and Social Life Horoscope 2016

You have been in a banner romantic period since July 2014, with Jupiter in your 7th house (where he remains until August 11). Those of you still unattached are such as to find a special someone this year. Marriage often happens with this aspect, but not always in a liberal kind of way. Sometimes one enters a relationship that is ‘like a marriage’.

In general, the love life is happy. Sure, there will be periods in the year where love is less tranquil than usual. These come from the transits of the short-term plants. They are temporary issues and not trends for the year ahead.

Aquarians have a natural affinity for technology and the online world, and with Jupiter, the ruler of your 11th house of friends and groups, in your house of love, online activities are even more pronounced – especially when it is in love with. You would tend to have favorable romantic opportunities through the various online dating services or social networking sites. You would tend to ruin the romance through texting and social networking.

This transit also demonstrates that something that was perhaps just a friendship becomes more than that. Sometimes it shows that you meet that special someone through the introduction of friends or as you are associated with group activities. Friends enjoy playing cupid this year.

Friendship is still important to you. This year it is a major factor in love. You want to become friends with your beloved, not just lovers. You want a relationship of peers – of equals. However, you also like ‘star quality’ of a lover, and stars sometimes have a problem with ‘equality’.

This year you are also attracted to foreigners – exotic types. And romance could happen in a strange land too.

If you are single and working towards your first marriage, success is likely this year. If you are in or working towards a second marriage, the year ahead seems quiet and stable, though you will be eating more and attending more parties and gatherings. Singles will probably remain unmarried and those who are married will probably remain married. If you are single and working towards your third marriage, patience is needed. Marriage is not prospective and is probably not advisable. You will find romantic opportunities in spiritual settings – in meditation seminars, charity events, the yoga studio or prayer circle. If you are working towards your fourth marriage, romance is happening this year.

The romantic life is basically wonderful this year; the societal challenges seem to be coming from friends. Friendships are getting ‘stress tested’. This is not pleasant but is ultimately good. Genuine friendships will weather the testing. Unhappy ones won’t. Focus more on the quality of friendships rather than the quantity.