Gemini Personal in 2016

Personal and Social Life in 2016:
2016 is just one exciting year. Gemini, when relationships bloom, opportunities for personal growth and maturity abound, and friends and family become more cherished.

As blazing and energetic as the year begins, you have plenty of built-in pauses to stay on track and take care of all those people and things you love.

Mercury retrograde (all in Air signs) is your friend. Yes, really!

January 21 to February 11 (Mercury in Aquarius) is a calmer social period; May 18 to June 11 (in Gemini) lets's you mentally regroup and rethink what might have carried out with too much haste the month before. September 17 to October 9 (in Libra) offers a chance to be taken a second look at any agreements or commitments you made or that were done to you earlier in the year.

Socially, Gemini is running in high gear all year. Eat healthy and are fed up with the rest, and moderate those social indulgences. Friends and family are there to remind you how important you are, especially in the July. It is a fun, fabulous year!