August 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Concept of the Month:

Sun in Leo is about growing one’s exclusive appearance of Mild vibrantly within out of the entire globe to see.

Your Mild wants to glow – LET IT SHINE! Let it illuminates your everyday lifestyle and the lifestyle of others!

We are coming into the season that has the Sun is stepping into Leo. As The Sun guidelines Leo Astrologically, this 30 days will be like having the Sun periods too. And much like its leader among summer time, Leo energy wants to be “center stage” with the highlight glowing completely and vibrantly on its appearance.

Leo is the acting professional and celebrity energy of the Astrology, as most of them somehow handle to be or become the focal point in their lifestyles. Many Leos or those who power Leo impact in their maps get interest normally or instantly with their simple existence. Yet most Leos Don’t (fully) recognize they have this energy and existence about them, and invest much of their lifestyles looking for recognition.

There are always two expressions of any Astrology sign’s energy. When self-awareness, self-respect, and self-love is found, the appearance of a sign’s energy is often healthier and life-affriming. When those components are missing, harmful and harmful appearance tends to back its go.

That said, there are characteristics that all Leos share – kindness, commitment, satisfaction, elegance, creativeness, satisfaction. How those characteristics are in an individual’s appearance is the varying.

When harmful, Leo kindness comes from the post of anticipations connected. Loyalty comes with the expectation of servitude to the Leo’s every demand, satisfaction becomes cockiness and creates every issue an issue of preserving experience, creativeness is utilized to control control others. Pleasure and/or marketing is distributed with or gave to others at a cost. Leo Sun residents and highly Leo-influenced individuals may have a powerful feeling of righteous, as if others should look up to them or provide and exist as to their needs first of all.

These blank expression of Leo energy often the outcome when the Leo district looks to soak up Mild from others, slurping the Mild and Life out of and away from others. They are doing this when they are neglecting to identify the elegance they already have within themselves and search for it from others. Until they recognize that they already have what they are looking for included, no one will ever be able to provide them with enough.

When healthier, Leo kindness is free and starts without anticipations of come back. Loyalty is given because they truly like and properly handle those. Pride becomes satisfaction in and marketing of others. Creativity is a chance to grow their own exclusive appearance of Mild, and satisfaction and marketing comes through gaining concentrate on themselves so they may discuss their highlight or focus their elegance onto individuals and causes they have an interest in. Leo residents and highly Leo-influenced persons may have a heated, positive and effervescent top quality about them, and they hardly ever anticipate other to dote on them.

The Mild expression of Leo energy often comes forth once Leos identify and flame Their Mild and discuss their exclusive appearance completely with others and the entire globe.

I ask you the following questions:

Do you identify any of these expressions of other people in your life?
Get into you identify any of these expressions in yourself?
How does the Mild of others allow you to feel? Happy? Angry? Warm? Frustrated? Alive? Exhausted?
And how are you about the actions you get involved in on an everyday basis? Energized? Indifferent? Excited? Fearful?
And who do you have yourself gaining or illustrating to you in your life? Have an interest in people who are getting into your life? Want to their company?

The purpose I ask is because one awesome factor of Leo energy is that we ALL have it. Even if some of us have more or less than others, we all have Mild within us that greatly is interested in being indicated. That always wants to grow and be distributed with others. More than any other indication, Leo energy not only has capability to flow from us but also be deflected onto us.

My objective with these concerns is because you identify what you are attracted to and/or what you are gaining is saying about how you are growing your exclusive appearance of Mild.

As we are all being known as to flare Our Mild as now, we are also being known as upon to identify how we are deciding to grow it. We need to see how others decide to grow their Mild. Yet in doing so, we also get to ask ourselves if we Do or Don’t search for something in their appearance for ourselves.

Either way, the fact is the same – “Why question your chariot to someone else’s celebrity when you have your own celebrity within you patiently waiting to shine?”

With the Sun in Leo, NOW are you a chance to shine! Get out there and be the most beautiful appearance of yourself you can be! Only you have the ability for making your disadvantages The advantages to your everyday lifestyle. The option is because you.

Look at where Leo drops in your astrology graph for assistance in how to utilize this energy in your personal lifestyle trip. For more details and ideas, see the Aug 2016 Astrology for your indication.

New Celestial satellite in Leo

This 30 days we have a New Celestial satellite in Leo on Oct 2nd at 20:45 GMT

Full Celestial satellite in Aries

This 30 days we have a Complete Celestial satellite in Aquarius on Oct 18, 2016 at 09:27 GMT

August 2016 Monthly Horoscope