February 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Concept of the Month:

Your Mild wants to glow – LET IT SHINE! Let it illuminates your daily lifestyle and the lifestyle of others!

Aquarius is about enjoying one’s personality within a team or a combined whole. At its best, it can make an exclusive and beneficial participation to a greater whole by simply being itself.

As the third of three Air symptoms in the Astrology (mental and perceptive energy), Aquarius is the public, outward appearance of our concepts and concepts. This may be a big objective the indication of Aquarius is known to signify the innovative of technological innovation, being the way to obtain technological innovation the thoughts have to provide.

This is also the appropriate key objective why Aquarius is also known for comprising the groundbreaking of community. Its power can be unforeseen, its activities surprising. Some Aquarians aren’t willing or disposed to adapt to society’s objectives – they want to take a position out and make their existence known.

However, compared with its Zodiac reverse Leo, Aquarius Doesn’t are invited to take a position out for its own advantage. It wants to get a position out for the principal benefit of a greater whole. This is inventive soul with a wish to modify the position qua, but to do so on an extension. This isn’t just about combating or rebelling against the system as an individual – it’s about rebelling for a larger, combined objective. These are the rebels with a cause.

Aquarius knows it sounds a portion of an excellent jigsaw challenge of humankind, and it wants to make its exclusive aspect, provide its one-of-a-kind part. It is to become a section of the team that is essential to something larger than themselves alone. It especially seems that cooperation can often get more did together than any someone could ever do on their own – that we need each other to realize exceptional achievements. Aquarius enjoys humankind by recognizing and inspiring individual efforts to the larger sum.

To that point, Aquarius is linked to public sectors, and therefore, public events, connections, organizations, and systems. Social networking is a great thing for most Aquarians (and whatever technical devices assistance those efforts are also likely to be generously present). It is an activity or habit, for how else would we find our Collaborative Associates, discovering people who are controlling where we are poor and vice-versa? How else would be gathered to develop something greater and more awesome than we ever could alone?

Aquarius requirements that we discuss our exclusive concepts and concepts with others, for when we show them on the surface to the globe in whatever type we decide to do so, they are our best efforts to humankind in particular. Our individuality is our biggest existing to the Globe, and without each of us discussing our capabilities and capabilities to the maximum. We are doubting others and the Globe the existing of our existence and our participation in their lifestyles. We each have a natural liability to let our own Mild flare as vibrantly as the Sun. Humanity calls upon you to be your most clever appearance of yourself.

Watch where Aquarius drops in your astrology graph for assistance in where and how to best grow your smartest Mild in service to yourself and especially to others in your personal lifestyle trip. For more information and ideas, see the Feb 2016 Astrology for your indication.

On Jan 20, 2016 – Sun goes into Aquarius until Febuary 18, 2016

Happy Solar go back over all Aquarians! While the Sun moves through Aquarius, we are given the opportunity to discover our edgy, individual and innovative Aquarian characteristics. This heralds a moment to discover beyond the position qua and traditional truth. Everything is a little less intense under Aquarius – our perspective is clearer, our instinct more smart. We search for the unpredicted and feelings require a black chair. Aquarius is a psychological air indication, but it cares with Higher Mind – the skills that we obtain through our instinct and greater awareness.

Generally discussing (for everyone), during this 30 days, as the Sun moves through Aquarius, most probably in ways that your own exclusive character is operating in your daily lifestyle. You may become more conscious that your “mission” is evolving or you may become conscious for initially that you have a “mission”.

Aquarius symbolizes enhancing team awareness, where we promote BEYOND the recognition with ego, family, religious beliefs, competition, group, etc. We are not only becoming “global citizens”, but “galactic citizens….And no one gets remaining behind!

As periodic the Aquarian Age attracts nearer, we are seeing the closing of the Proper “Great Year” An estimated 26,000 year pattern split into 12 Astrology age groups of 2,150 years each. However, nothing really “ends”. We are being “adjusted” on a cosmic range to understand our truth in a different way.

What is your opinion of the “New Earth”, and who are you contacting into your truth to discuss it.

This 30 days we have a Complete Celestial satellite in Virgo, on Feb 22, 2016.

Generally discussing, on your own level, where the Sun at 3 levels Pisces drops in your graph is where you need to believe in your instinct and use your creativity; where the Celestial satellite at 3 levels Virgo triggers your graph is where you need to identify your main concerns and respect them. Both Virgo and Pisces discuss a typical theme of “Service”; however. Here we are to martyrdom and “escape” from the body are over.

It is really essential, in now with multiplied regularity, to “reestablish our link to the World and our own systems (grounding”). Virgo symbolizes the “Body as the Temple” in its unspoiled and unchanged state, praising both our definite limitations (Virgo) and our link to Spirit (Pisces). It's the perfect an opportunity to own up to the concept of inhabiting a “Light Body” in a less frenetic, but yet still content galaxy.

At this Complete Celestial satellite, with the Sun shifting through delicate Pisces we may be discovering it especially difficult to deal with “terra firm’s” latest changes. When we seem to be confused, religious enlightenment appears to be like one more pressure, and it is very attractive to get escapist excitement instead ….TV, the Internet, our iPods, liquor, food. Retreating into these instantly satisfying mini-retreats, while not the best or most educated reaction, is frequently our direction of least level of resistance.

For the Virgo Complete Celestial satellite, we are asked to forget about our immediate pre-programmed evade systems and to really modify our connection to our definite systems. Guess we need more rest…?Better nutrients….More Exercise…more water? Do we link with characteristics, even if it is a 5-minute movie per day? All of these are very simple (Virgo’s preferred theme is “Keep it plain”) “grounding” resources in now for MUCH multiplied regularity.

February 2016 Monthly Horoscope