Aries Finance and Career Horoscope 2016

The year ahead looks prosperous, but your money house will no longer be the home of power. This could be a financial weakness. Perhaps you’re not paying enough attention. You will have to force yourself to focus here.

Jupiter’s presence in your 5th house until August 11 shows luck in speculations. Some of you might want to invest small sums on the lottery or in some other kind of speculations. Of course, you should go and do this under intuition and not blindly or automatically. The cosmos have many ways to provide you.

If you are placed in the creative arts, there is good fortune now. Your creativity is marketable and successful.

Jupiter is important to consider your 6th house of work on August 11, which indicates happy job changes. In some cases it indicates the landing of a dream job; in other cases it shows a favorable job change within the present company. Your ability to become productive is greatly increased in the year ahead and this usually leads to more money.

The spouse, partner or current love has had a difficult two years financially – there’s been much reorganization going on. This year there is a substantial improvement in this area. Saturn will mostly get out of his or her money house (except for three months); furthermore. Jupiter will now start to make pleasing aspects to his or her financial planet from August 11 onwards. This is taken into consideration in a prosperous year ahead, from August onwards. The children or children figures in your life are equally prospering greatly.

There is inheritance in this chart. Hopefully no one is actually dying. Perhaps you are named in someone’s will or appointed to some administrative position in an estate.

The year ahead also appears useful for paying back debt or for taking on loans – depending on need. Most of you will have increases in your line of credit. You have easier access to external capital. If do not leave some good ideas, this is a decent year (from August 11 onwards) to attract financial backing.

If you are involved in estates or insurance claims, there is a fair fortune from August 11 onwards.

Favourable financial numbers are for two, 3, 7 and 9.

Saturn, your career planet, shifts back and forth between two signs this year – it zigzags. And this pretty much describes the career. Until June 15, Saturn will be positioned in Sagittarius, your 9th house. This shows success and elevation, and extended career horizons. It indicates career opportunities in foreign lands or with foreign companies. (There are job opportunities in foreign lands too, after August 11.) It also shows increased business-related travel. In fact, your willingness to travel is key to your career advancement.

With Pluto stuck in your 10th house of career for many years now, there are dramas with bosses and people resolved to your career. They could be having surgery, or near-death kinds of experiences. Perhaps you are having career ‘near-death’ experiences. Always bear in mind that after ‘death’ comes ‘resurrection’. The career will be expanded.