Aries Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house of home and family was strong during the past two years, but not this year. Many of you have moved, renovated or acquired additional homes over the past few years. By now your goals have been achieved and the year ahead seems to be a peaceful one. The cosmos be not pushing you one way or another. You have free will to do whatever you like – but perhaps not the interest. With Uranus in your 1st house, you seem more nomadic this year. You will be located in different places for long periods of time.
If you’re planning to redecorate, in cosmetic kinds of ways, or buying art objects for the home, May 8 to June 5 is a great time. However, if you’re planning major renovations or construction projects, June 24 to August 9 would be a great time for this kind of work.

Aries women of childbearing age have been unusually fertile the past few years and the trend continues in the year ahead. Nonetheless, all Aries will be more focused on children or children figures this year. Children or children figures in your life will have a basically decent year. They seem successful and optimistic, enjoying the good life. Countless are travelling this year. They seem happy-go-lucky and prosperous. If they arise out of an appropriate age, they too seem unusually fertile. Children could move – and this seems a cheerful aspect – after August 11.

A parent figure in your life is re inventing him or herself; this has been going on for a while. He or she could have had surgery and/or near-death kinds of experiences in the past few years, and there are still tendencies to this in the year ahead. He or she will benefit greatly from detox regimes.

Siblings or sibling figures in your life are such as to move or renovate the home from August 11 onwards. And parents or parent figures have been moving a lot in recent years and could be done again. Perhaps there have been multiple renovations of the home. They seem restless and nomadic, living in separate places for long periods of time. Their moods seem highly unstable. Mood swings are extreme and swift.

Your family planet is the Moon – the fastest-moving of all the planets. Thus there are many short-term trends – depending on where the moon is and the aspects she receives – that are best dealt with in the monthly reports.