Aries Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Saturn has been put into your 8th house of transformation and regeneration for two years now and spends another few months there in the year ahead. Whatever your age and stage of life, your libido has not meant up to its usual standard. From the astrological perspective, this does not obtain too much a health issue, more of a cosmic one. The cosmos have been putting the sexual life into the right order. If sexual expression has been so low, Saturn increased it. If it has been much too much (which is usually the case) Saturn clamped down on it. Sex in many ways is just like eating. We have an obligation to eat enough – not too abundant, not too little, just the proper amount. Many of you have learned that quality sex is better (and healthier) than mere quantity. Better less sex but good sex than hosts of mediocre experiences.

Saturn will spend most of the coming year in your 9th house of religion, philosophy and higher education. For college students, this indicates a need to buckle down and work hard. There are no free rides this year. Focus on your studies. Do the work that is needed. Bear down. Non-students will have their religious and philosophical beliefs tested, as we have mentioned. Your belief system is about have to have a reality check. Many of us are holding beliefs that are just not correct. Many of us look at the world in a false way and attribute meanings to phenomena that aren’t so. This is a year where is there information about this. Generally reality checks are not pleasant, but great sound will come out of it. As you not play ball with false, or only true, beliefs, new and better ones will come in. And the whole life will improve because of that.

Philosophy, as we have mentioned numerous times, is far more important than psychology. A person’s philosophy will shape and mould the psychology. Philosophy is caused. Psychology is effective. So what’s going on now (and for the next two years), is of the utmost importance.

Aries generally get a strong sense of self-esteem. Nonetheless, lately, with the Moon’s south node in your 1st house, your self-esteem has not meant what it goes. There is a feeling of deficiency here. Often when this happens, people over-compensate and become over-bearing and excessively arrogant. Avoid this trap like the plague. There is the way to reach healthy self-esteem. This is achieved by recognizing that you are a son or daughter of the Most High – an immortal spiritual being incarnated in a body. You are not your body or personality, but the being that uses these things for its own purposes. A good meditation for this is, ‘I AM AN IMMORTAL BEING OF LIGHT, I AM ONE WITH GOD, IN PERFECT UNION AND HARMONY WITH THE UNIVERSE.’

Repeat this a few times a day to yourself, and especially when you feel miserable. The more time you spend with this meditation, the better.