Cancer Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

On June 26, 2013 you entered a cycle of prosperity, and it is very much still in effect in the year ahead. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, had been occupying your money house since July 17 last year is capable of being there until August 11. This is a classic signal of prosperity.

This aspect is addressed by a person who is catching the financial lucky breaks. Speculations were favourable last year and are still favourable until August 11. So, it might be a nice idea to invest harmless sums on a lottery or in some other kind of speculation. As always, this should need to be done under intuitive guidance, not automatically. The cosmos have numerous ways to prosper you.

With Jupiter in your money house assets, your specific increase in value. Something that you thought was worthless could be worth rather more than you think. Jupiter also brings happy financial opportunities – new and perhaps undreamed of approaches to make sure that money. Your financial horizons are greatly expanded.

Since Jupiter is your planet of health and work, his position in the money house shows that happy job opportunities come (this could have happened last year too.) Co-workers seem supportive of your monetary goals. You are dedicated to health but can earn from this field too.

Industries that cater to children – such as entertainment and music – is always stimulating investments for you, but this year more so than usual. This year investments in the health field – and there are numerous public companies involved with this – also look decent. The travel business, for-profit higher education, and investments in foreign countries or foreign companies are trustworthy. Job opportunities can now come to you in strange lands or with foreign companies. And while the latest job relates to a lot of work, it seems lucrative.

Jupiter moving through your 3rd house shows a new car and communication equipment coming.

Favourable financial numbers are 5, 6, 8 and 19.

Career, as we have mentioned, is exciting but unstable. Dramatic changes have been happening both personally and in the lives of people had an affair with your career. There have been major changes in your industry as well. Every time you think you're the ideal career or ideal set up, a new idea, a new idea, is revealed, and so you make new changes. It is a continual process of updating the career, the career goals and the career path. Your upgrade is much in the same way as you upgrade your software or mobile apps.

Your technology skills and expertise are very important to the career. Some of you will actually enter this kind of career, but whatever the actual career it is very important to stay up to date with the latest gadgetry and technology. It is equally essential to be involved in groups and professional organizations. They enhance the career as well.