Cancer Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Jupiter, as we mentioned before, moves into your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests on August 11. This is thus a great time to take courses in subjects that interest you, to read more and build up the knowledge base. The mind is much expanded this year. Its capacity is more important than you think. Those of you who have expertise in a given field should start to disseminate this knowledge now. Teach, write, give seminars and workshops.

Neptune in your 9th house is refining and elevating your personal philosophy, religious beliefs and world view. This is a most interesting development. Religion is an extremely important thing. Everyone has a peculiar religion, conscious or unconscious. Spiritual practices have many good and valid points. Unfortunately there is much out there that is little more than superstition. This transit will help you discover what is and remainn’t valid. This will happen through personal mystical experiences and interior revelation.

Pluto has been in your 7th house of love for many years now. The love pangs and disappointments you feel are really birth pangs. You are giving rise to the love life of your dreams – to your ideal love life. But birth doesn’t come easily and generally there is plenty of blood and gore involved. Nonetheless, the end result is in conformity, and most people go through it willingly for that reason. So it is here with your love life. Watch your mind on the end result and not the momentary challenges that are happening.

All the changes going on in your career to have a cosmic agenda behind them. There is a liberation happening. By the time, Uranus is finished with you (in the next few years) you will be free to follow the career of your dreams. Numerous old attachments and obstructions are being blasted away these days.

Abrupt change – though often exciting – tends to bring insecurity. Learning to deal with career insecurity and instability is the major class these days. You want to become comfortable with it. Change should be regarded as friendly.