Cancer Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Though home and family are always indispensable to a Cancerian, this year they are less so than usual. Your 4th House is not strong this year. However, the north node of the Moon spends most of the year in this house. Often this indicates excessive focus, more than is needed. You might be overdoing things this year, creating dramas where none really exist or making changes that don’t need to be done.

There will be a few legitimate dramas in the home and family this year. We have two lunar eclipses, which will create family crises or upheavals. The first one, on April 4, seems the strongest because it also occurs in your 4th house. The second, on September 28, occurs in your 10th house and could affect the career and people involved in your career as much as the family. We will examine this in more detail in the monthly reports.

Venus, your family planet, is a fast-moving planet. So there will be many short-term trends in the home and family that are best dealt within the periodic reports. However, Venus is part of her rare retrogrades this year – from July 25 to September 6. This will be a period for reviewing home and family issues. When Venus is retrograde the home and family conditions revealed might not be as you imagine them to be – neither as bad nor as good.

If you’re intending to do any redecorating, major repairs or renovation around the home, November 8 to the end of the year has beneficial aspects. Decorating is better done before December 5.

Parents or parent figures in the life seem to be doing major repairs in the home. A move could have been made in the previous two years. Siblings and sibling figures are in a cycle of prosperity from August 11 onwards. They are travelling and living the upright life. Moves are not advisable this year, or the next few years.

Children and children figures in the life are facing some financial challenges this year. They have an obligation to consolidate and reorganize their financial life. Moves could have happened last year, but can still occur in the year ahead. Grandchildren are having a stable year family-wise. If they result from an appropriate age they have fantastic job opportunities in the year ahead. Also after August 11 they have a very strong social year. If they result from the fitting age, marriage or serious relationships is likely.