Aquarius Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

As we mentioned, the past two years have been very tough financial years. Earnings and overall net worth increased – each according to their status and stage in life.

Prosperity is still good for most of the year, especially until August 11, but there are more work and challenges involved. And, after August 11, even more work and challenge. You will have earnings, but you will definitely earn them. Lucky breaks are not there. You will just have to create your own lucky breaks.

With Jupiter making wonderful aspects to the ruler of your horoscope, Uranus, you are still living the high life. You are travelling, eating good foods and drinking fine wines. You are enjoying all the pleasures of the body. And, the universe is supplying the wherewithal for this.

However, Saturn’s stressful aspect shows that there are some unpleasant revelations in store in the pecuniary life, or perhaps with people involved in your finances. There are a lot of behind the scenes activity that you will learn about and have to handle. Things are not the way they seem. More homework is required when making important financial decisions or major purchases. The good news is that when the facts are known, you can make more realistic fiscal moves and plans. The truth might be obnoxious, but ultimately it is good. There is always a solution to every problem, but you need to know that the problem exists first. Jupiter will move into your 8th House on August 11 and spend the rest of the year there. Financially this indicates the prosperity of the spouse, partner or current love and his or her generosity with you. It is a time where debts can be easily paid or easily made – according to your need. If you get some good business ideas, you have access to outside capital – either through banks or outside investors.

Often this aspect shows inheritance. Sometimes this can indicate being named in someone’s will or being appointed to some administrative post in an estate. I have seen cases where the person didn’t inherit money directly, but received gifts from people who had inherited money. It was ‘as if’ they had inherited. Those of you of the appropriate age are doing more estate planning in the year ahead.

There is fair fortune with insurance claims in the year ahead. Money can come from tax refunds as well.

Jupiter in the 8th house will bring opportunities to profit from troubled companies or properties. They can be purchased up cheaply. You have a great eye for this kind of thing these days.

Your financial intuition has been spot on for the past two years. It is still enjoyable, but it needs more verification this year. The intuition itself is good. Nonetheless, you could be interpreting the message wrongly. Allow time to obtain the message right.

Favourable financial numbers are 1, 12 and 18.

Career pressures are easing up this year. The past two years have been extremely demanding. In many cases, these demands came from a boss who pushed you beyond your limits. In some cases, it came from the demands of the career itself. Saturn is currently mostly out of your career house. He will spend a few months there from June 15 to September 18, but the worst of the transit is over with.

Furthermore, Jupiter will start to make pleasing aspects to your career planet, Pluto, after August 11. Thus, all the hard work of the past two years pays off. There are promotions and pay rises. Happy career opportunities will come to you – either within your present company or another one. Your public and professional status will be raised.

Many career trends that we have written about in past years are still in effect. You can advance your career by becoming involved in charities and good causes. Authority figures look kindly on this. Often one makes important career connections through these activities. Nevertheless, in general these things will enhance your public and professional standing.

You have been idealistic about money and career for some years now, and this trend is continued in the year ahead. You need in order to feel that you are helping the world as a whole. It’s not just about earning money and being successful.