Aquarius Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Saturn, as we mentioned, is now in your 11th house is able to be there for the next two years. Friendship means a lot to Aquarians. The tendency is to get many, many friends. In fact, Aquarius, you look at everyone as a friend or potential friend. These are wonderful qualities and make for great popularity. But now the cosmos is setting this area into decent order. Too many friends – and especially the wrong kinds – is not healthy. A weeding out process is happening now. The wheat is kept separate from the chaff. You are going to be more choosy in selecting your friends. More discriminating. The cosmos be doing this through stress testing your friendships. The testing will show who your real friends are taken who can be discarded.

When times are good – and you’ve had a few years of tranquil times – we don’t know who our real friends are. Success seems to have a lot of fathers, but failure is always an orphan. Success has many friends and followers. Difficulty is a loner. So, it is good that this is happening. Truth is always good. You will figure out who can be relied upon and how much, and who can’t.

Saturn is your spiritual planet. Thus this year you need more mystical type friends – and it will happen for you. Spiritual compatibility is probably the most crucial consideration in friendship this year. You need people who share your spiritual ideals and who foster your spiritual practice. Spiritual friendships tend to last longer than regular ones. They go on life after life. So the urgent these days is for long, enduring kinds of friendships and this is what will happen.

Spirituality has been influential to you for many years. On the financial level, it is always important. Nevertheless, it has become even more so, ever since Pluto, your career planet, entered your 12th house. In many cases, this transit shows a spiritual kind of career – a career with a non-profit organization or charity. In other cases, it shows being involved with ministry, meditation groups or spiritual organizations. And, in others, as we have mentioned, it can show a worldly career but with considerable focus on charities and good causes. We could say that spiritual growth is the real career and everything else is built around that. You will choose the career that best fosters spiritual growth.