Aquarius Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house is not a house of power this year; home and family do not belong to your priorities. This is often the status quo. The good news here is because you have more freedom to shape this area as you will. If you wish to move or renovate your house, there’s nothing stopping you. The problem is not freedom but lack of interest (opposed to other things). Home and family issues will become important in a few years, but right now you seem basically content with the status quo.

You are travelling more this year, living in different places for long periods of time, but this is not exactly a move.

Fast-moving Venus is your family planet. In any given year, she will move through all the signs and houses of your horoscope. Thus there are numerous short-term family trends that are best covered in the monthly reports.

If you are planning major renovations or repairs to the home, April 1 to May 12 seems a good time. If you’re planning to redecorate, to beautify the home in a cosmetic kind of way, to buy object d’art or to repaint, March 17 to April 11 would be a good period to do this in.

The marriage of a parent or parent figure has been heavily tested over the past two years. If the marriage has survived, it will get even better in the year ahead. If it didn’t survive, or if the parent or parent figure is single again, there is love this year – after August 11. This parent or parent figure could have moved last year, but if not a move or renovation is still signalled in the year ahead.

Siblings and sibling figures probably moved or renovated their homes in the past two years. This year they seem content with what they have.

Children or children figures in your life are such as to move in the next two years. The move seems happy. This sometimes shows renovations or the acquisition of additional homes. Children and children figures seem more fertile in the next two years as well.

Grandchildren, if you have them, are prospering from August 11 onwards. They could be associated with major repairs in the home.