Leo Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

A beautiful financial year ahead Leo, enjoys!

Jupiter has been in your own sign since July 2014, which is fantastic for finance. This transit does bring enhanced income to be certain, but what it really brings is a higher standard of life. Regardless of how much you actually earn, you live ‘as if’ you were wealthy. By this we don’t mean that you’re living like a millionaire, but more according to your own internal standards of the ‘good life’. You eat finger foods and better restaurants. You travel more. You dress better. Expensive personal items such as clothing, jewellery and accessories come to you. You get the wherewithal to enjoy all the leisure activities that you crave.

There is a great spiritual lesson that we see here in your chart. First come the optimism, the feeling of wealth, the appearance of wealth, the behaviour of wealth – this is Jupiter in your 1st house. Then comes the actual tangible wealth as Jupiter enters your money house. Note the order. One is the natural side effect of the other.

This is also a fortunate transit for speculations. It might be a bad idea to invest harmless amounts of money on a lottery or some other type of speculation. Don’t think that luck just has to come in that way though; good luck can manifest in many other ways too. Follow your intuition.

If there is a financial flow this year it can come from being overly speculative. Reckless. Leos are major risk-takers as it is, and with Jupiter in your sign now these tendencies are greatly magnified. Perhaps it would be desirable to set aside only a certain percentage of your income or assets for speculations of these kinds – 10 per cent maximum, say. This will limit any possible damage, but will enable you to benefit from Lady Luck who is with you this year.

What I like this year is that your chart is showing ‘happy money’ – money that is earned in enjoyable ways. Perhaps you are at a restaurant and you meet an important fiscal contact. It can happen on the golf course, tennis court or theatre too. Also it is shown that you are enjoying the wealth that you have. You are spending on fun kinds of things.

Children and children figures in your life seem important on the financial level this year. Probably you are spent on them, but you can earn from them as well. Children often serve as motivators for their parents. Sometimes children have sound financial ideas or connections. (They seem to have connections for you job seekers out there.) Investments in companies or businesses that cater to children seem profitable these days – music, entertainment, toy and games makers, things of this nature.

With fast-moving Mercury as your financial planet, there are many short-term trends in finance that depend on where mercury is and the aspects he receives. These are best addressed in the monthly reports.

Favourable financial numbers are 1, 6, 8 and 9.

Though the pecuniary life is very good, this is not an especially strong career year. Your 10th house is essentially empty. Only short-term planets will move through their – briefly. Generally this indicates that you are more or less satisfied on the career front and do not have to make major changes.

Career is governed by another fast-moving planet, Venus. Thus there will be many short-term career trends that we will discuss in the periodic reports.

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