Leo Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Home and family have been principal for the past two years. It becomes prominent again for a few months in the year ahead – from June 15 to September 18. It has been challenging but most of the problems are more critical than with.

Saturn in your 4th house showed a need to take on more family responsibility – this could have been onerous and there was not the way to avoid it. The emotional life in general was blocked and you didn’t feel safe expressing how you truly felt. Health of family members was perhaps an issue. Many of you just wanted to move, felt cramped in the home, but couldn’t manage it. Most of this is making changes for the better in the year ahead.
Health remains a problem with the family, but this year it’s more about the health of your children or the children figures in your life. The passionate life in general is much happier. Regardless of what is happening in the family, your natural Leo optimism cannot be squashed. It just bubbles up.

When Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11, he will begin to make pleasing aspects to your family planet Pluto. Moves or renovations are likely from August 11 onwards and they seem happy. As our regular readers know, when the Horoscope indicates a move it need not be a ‘literal’ one. It can be expressed in a renovation or the purchase of an additional home. The effect is ‘as if’ a move happened. The home is more expanded and happier.

Leos of childbearing age are far more fertile than usual this year. However, you seem to have been mixed emotions about this. In general you love children, but this year you seem less enthusiastic about them than usual.

For some years, you have been making the home a healthier place to live. Many of you have installed exercise equipment or other kinds of health gadgetry. This trend is continued in the year ahead. The home is approved as much a health spa as a home. However, after August 11 you might really start to make the house more of a playground or entertainment centre too. Most likely, you will be buying expensive home theatres, stereo systems and things of this nature.

The family circle expands in the coming year – from August 11 onwards. Generally this happens through birth or marriage, but not always. Sometimes you meet people who are just like family to you.

Children (or children figures) seem more of a burden than usual in the year ahead. It will be a problem to give them the right kind of discipline – neither too much nor too little.

A parent or parent figure is feeling better this year – less pessimistic. He or she needs to start to prosper and live more of the good life from August onwards. He or she could have moved recently, but if not it can still occur in the year ahead. Siblings or sibling figures will probably not move this year – and does not seem advisable.

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