Leo Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Saturn’s comes out of your 4th house this year (for most of the year anyway) not only eases the family situation but helps your spiritual growth as well. For you, more than most, mood is an important aspect of your spiritual practice. The moon is your heavenly planet. Unless your feelings are engaged, there will be little success in your prayer or meditative life. In the year ahead, you can expect more spiritual growth and more spiritual-type experiences. Dark moods are mostly over with.

Neptune, as we have mentioned, has been in your 8th house of transformation since 2012. Thus, the cosmos is calling you (and it will take place in a gradual sort of way) to elevate the sexual act. It is not calling you to refrain from sex, but to raise sex from mere animal passion to an act of worship. Safe sex has been essential from a health perspective for some years now. The elevation (or sublimation) of the sexual act is the only real safe sex there is. Condoms may protect you from physical viruses and bacteria, but they don’t change the energy vibration. Low vibrations will find other ways to ensure that a point. You should study the esoteric teachings of sex – Tantra and kindling yoga of the East, or hermetic science in the West – as much as you can.

Neptune in the 8th house has an effect on the finances of the spouse, partner or current love. He or she is asked to go deeper into the spiritual dimensions of wealth, to tap into the supernatural sources of supply, rather than the biological ones. It would be good to urge the beloved to read as much as possible on the subject and begin to apply it. This will transform their entire financial life.

With Uranus in your 9th house, your religious and philosophical life is meant to be very exciting. Modern scientific discoveries are challenging many of your spiritual and philosophical beliefs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wrong. Science is an evolving process and there are many things that the scientists do not yet understand. Still, these challenges are healthy. You have an obligation to go deeper into your beliefs, to examine them more closely and perhaps revise or discard some of them. In many cases, the belief is mistaken. And in many cases, the belief is right but not in the way that you thought. All of this will bring clarity to this area of life. A revised philosophy of life – a revised world view – will change every other department of life in a positive way.

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