Sagittarius Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

Though your health and family situation could be better, the financial life seems good. Saturn’s move into your sign brings the challenges that we have discussed, but it also brings prosperity and financial opportunity.

Money and financial opportunities will seek you out rather than vice versa. The causes were set in motion years ago and now they now come to pass. There’s nothing much you need to be done; financial opportunity will find you. The money people in your life are in your side.

You are adopting the image of wealth this year. You dress expensively (though conservatively) and people see you as prosperous. You are showing your wealth, but in a restrained sort of way. You spend on yourself this year. You meet yourself as the best investment there is – and there is some element of truth here.

For those of the appropriate age, you have the aspects of the celebrity, model, actor or athlete. You are known for how you look, for your physical attainments. Delicate appearance seems very important in the career and hence spending on the self – spending on the image. It’s more of a business investment than a vanity thing. Even if you are no longer part of a model, actor or athlete, in the year ahead you are more of a celebrity in your own field.

The career is very successful in the year ahead and you are trying to reach the part. You seem above everyone in your world. And even if you are not literally above them, you look forward to receiving being and perhaps behave as if you are. Your ambition seems boundless.

For some years now, you have been back deeper into the spiritual dimensions of wealth – learning the spiritual laws that govern these things and applying them. This trend is continued in the year ahead. Though this tendency becomes less pronounced than it was over the past two years, it is still very much in effect. Pluto, your spiritual planet, is on your money house. (Your financial planet, Saturn, will spend three months in your spiritual 12th house too.) You are always very much in ‘miracle money’ mode. Your challenge is tantamount to access the mystical sources of supply rather than the biological ones. See the note you can on the spiritual dimensions of wealth. There is a lot literature on the subject.

Pluto in your money house also shows other things. If you stop at an appropriate age, you are doing more estate planning this year. Many of you have had inheritances or have been named in someone’s will. Taxes and tax implications are influencing many of your financial decisions – especially now with increased earnings happening.

Many of you are attaining financial independence in the next few years. And if not absolute financial independence, satisfactory progress is made in it. This seems the goal these days.

The business and corporate world is always pleasant for you, but this year more so than is customary. You are under a keen feeling for traditional, blue chip companies as investments. Commercial real estate is just as wholesome.