Sagittarius Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

As we said earlier. Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, has been in your 4th house of home and family since 2012. Thus, your spiritual life and growth are centred at home and in the family. Many people think that spiritual growth happens at the place of worship or in some far off heavenly retreat. Not necessarily, as you are learning these days. It is the application of spiritual principles in the day-to-day domestic affairs of life that brings spiritual growth. The mundane tasks at home can be converted to potent rituals. Washing the dishes or cleaning the house can be elevated to an act of worship if it is finished with the right attitude – for the glory of the Divine. For those of you, on a spiritual path this would be a good year to read Brother Lawrence’s classic work practising the presence.

Generally Sagittarius is comfortable with conventional religion. But these days you need to get your feelings engaged in the mystical practice. There is a need to elevate the whole feeling nature – to raise it in vibration. Love and devotion – chanting, singing, reciting psalms or poems of praise, dancing and drumming – will be overwhelming for you. You already have a sound intellectual and metaphysical understanding of things, but now you’ve got to bring the feelings along for the ride. In a good mood, you will easily come into contact with the divine. In a bad mood, it will be quite tough.

Spirituality has been principal for the past two years and becomes prominent again after August 11. Jupiter will make fabulous aspects with Pluto, your spiritual planet. Spirituality will not only play a role in your family and financial life, but in your personal appearance and body image. Novel techniques to mould and shape the body in transcendent ways will come to you. You will have more ability to meet this.

Your intuition – in finance and other areas – becomes unusually effective after August 11. You are receiving a revelation from on high. You are receiving spiritual help in your career as well.