Sagittarius Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house became prominent in 2012 when Neptune moved in, and will remain so many years to come.

Neptune in the 4th house shows that the family as a whole is under intense spiritual influence. The family relationship is becoming more mystical, more refined, more idealistic. Family members are more susceptible and more easily hurt and you are aware of the fact of this. Little things can set them off – body language or voice tone. Things that a few years back were no longer a big deal suddenly become gigantic.

Ever since Neptune moved into your 4th house the family (along with your financial life) has been the centre of your spiritual growth. It is Spirit’s laboratory these days. This is the spot where the books and the theories get tested in real life experience. You go to get the kind of aspects of someone who holds prayer or meditation services in the home. Or who invites spiritual teachers or speakers to the home. You seem open to volunteer the home for these purposes.

There seem to be some financial disagreements with the family, and especially with a parent or parent figure. There is no quick solution to this. It seems to be deepen as the year passes. Compromise will be needed but neither you nor they seem satisfied.

You appear to be more realistic this year, more down-to-earth and more bottom-line oriented, while the parent or parent figure seems more idealistic. And this seems the source of the conflict. It’s just having more effort to keep family harmony this year. However, if you (and they) put in the effort it can be done.

A move is little likely this year. Many of you have moved within the past two years so there is no need for this.

Parents or parent figures are not likely to move this year either. One of them is experiencing financial instability and uncertainty. The other is typing a period of prosperity from August 11 onwards. If the parent or parent figure is different, there is love and even marriage opportunity after August 11. If he or she is married, the marriage should improve and there will be extended social activity. One of them is experiencing career challenges.

Siblings or sibling figures are having a stable family year.

Children or children figures could have moved within the past two years, although the year ahead is quiet. Children or children figures are having fun this year. If they arise out of the appropriate age, there are very nice job opportunities for them after August 11. Grandchildren of fitting age seem prosperous this year and moves could happen after August 11. They also seem more fertile in the year ahead.