Gemini Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house of home and family becomes powerful – in a favorable way – from August 11 onwards when Jupiter moves there. It will be good next year as well. If you’ve been planning a move – and many of you have – this is the year (and early next year too) to be done. If you’ve been planning to buy a second or third home, or buy that timeshare, the year ahead looks very good.

Jupiter in the 4th house doesn’t always bring ‘literal’ moves. Sometimes people renovate or enlarge the existing home, or install expensive items in the home. The whole effect is ‘as if’ a move had happened. The current home is larger and happier than before.

The family unit also expands under this transit. Generally this happens through births or marriages (and Gemini women of childbearing age become much more fertile from August 11 onwards), but I have seen where it happens through meeting people who are ‘like’ family to you – people who play this kind of role in your life. Family support will be accomplished this year. A parent or parent figure is prospering and is more generous towards you. The net worth of the family as a whole is raised.

The 4th house rules other things besides home and family. It dominates the subconscious mind and our ‘habitual’ moods, feelings and emotional reactions – the subjects that psychologists study. So this is a year for making significant psychological breakthroughs, for understanding the origins of these things. Once the origins of expressive reactions are understood they can be changed to more positive ones.

Jupiter is your love planet. His transit through your 4th house gives us other messages as well. There will be much more entertaining from home and much more socializing with family members this year. This transit also shows that you are beautifying the home, buying object d’art and redecorating. You might not necessarily buy the trinkets – they can come to you as gifts –, but by the end of the year your home will be more beautiful. This all looks happy. Restoration projects will go well from August 11 onwards, but especially between October 8 and November 8. Construction projects or major repairs go well from September 25 to November 8.

A parent or parent figure is thriving, as we have mentioned, but he or she also seems to be travelling more this year. They will be required to watch their weight, especially from August 11 onwards. However, a move is not advisable this year.

Siblings and sibling figures are also flourishing. Marriage is seen in the chart (this could have happened last year too.) A move this year is not advisable for them either. Children and children figures are having a spiritual kind of year – a year of interior growth. Looks like renovations are taking place in their homes or rooms.