Gemini Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

Saturn in your 7th house of love for most of the year appears in a need, as we have mentioned, to project love and warmth to others. This can be tough work at times. You just have to project warmth even when you don’t really feel it, psychologically speaking. A good meditation for this is ‘DIVINE LOVE FLOWS THROUGH MY CONSCIOUSNESS NOW’. This meditation takes the intention out of your hands. Regardless of what you personally feel, the love from a Higher Power is going through you. If this meditation is practised regularly, the love life will improve dramatically.

Saturn in the 7th house has a tendency to bring disappointments with the current love and friends. With this kind of transit, it is important to master the art of forgiveness. Genuine forgiveness doesn’t whitewash the wrong that was done. The action was unlawful and we acknowledge that, but we forgive the person. We understand that the other who has hurt us had their own issues and problems to cope with, and had we been in their shoes, we might have acted the same way. Don’t allow grudges to fester in the consciousness. In fact, the foregoing meditation will work well in these kinds of situations. ‘You did what you did. However, Divine Love flows through my consciousness now.’

Ever since Neptune moved into your 10th career House in 2012 you have been the object of very intense spiritual energy. A logical, rational Gemini this can be difficult to handle. Psychic energy gets its logic and its own laws and often violates Gemini’s vaunted logic. Neptune is always very near the mid-heaven of your horoscope, which shows that your spiritual life is perhaps the most important thing these days. If you are not listed in a mystical path, this is high time to find one. If you are put on a path, this is a period to explore it more deeply.

In many cases, Gemini, you will actually opt for a saintly career in ministry, spiritual counselling, spiritual teaching or writing. Fine arts – which require inspiration from above – would also be appealing these days. The business side of these callings would also be appealing.

Pluto has been put in your 8th house of transformation for many years now. Thus you are dealing with death and death issues these days. Perhaps you have had a few encounters with death of late. Perhaps people you know have departed or have had near-death kinds of experiences. None of this is punitive, only education. You are confronting these things so that you will get a deeper understanding of them. The fear of death – the primal fear in the psyche – is what keeps people from their dreams and from their true potential. When this is treated (and it’s happening now), you will begin to soar.

I’m generally not a fan of past-life regression, but this year – and especially after August 11 – it might be a nice idea. You are placed in a period where you come to terms with your past. You are under an obligation to assimilate its wisdom and move on from there.

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