Gemini Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

As we have mentioned, you have just come through a two-year cycle of prosperity. Financial goals should have been attained – and if they have not been completely attained, much progress has been achieved in reaching them. Money is no longer a big issue this year. The monkey house is basically empty; only short-term planets will move through their – briefly – in the year ahead.

However, in spite of the worthless money house, I’m still seeing prosperity. Jupiter is on your 3rd house of communication until August 11. Many Geminis (a disproportionate percentage) are involved in communication fields – journalism, teaching, writing, sales, marketing and PR – and this is a big year for these activities. There is success and good fortune here.

The Horoscope is also signalling a new car and new, high-end communication equipment. This could have materialized last year, but if not, this will take place in the year ahead.

Jupiter moving into your 4th house in August shows excellent family support, as we have mentioned, but also good fortune in the purchase or sale of a home.

One of the problems with an empty money house is the lack of attention. In most cases, this is a reliable sign – you don’t pay too much attention because there’s no need to. Your finances are OK and there’s no need to make dramatic changes or concentrate too hard on them. However, if you are facing financial challenges, not enough attention being paid could be at the root of them. In this case, you will have to force yourself to pay more attention – even when you don’t feel like it.

The past two years have not only been good financially, but career wise as well. Many of you have had promotions, or have received honours and recognition. Your professional achievements have been appreciated. This year we don’t see anything special career wise, but nor do we see any disasters.

Ever since Neptune moved into your career house in 2012 you’ve been idealistic in career matters. This is a long-term trend which will last for many more years. If you’re following a worldly, mundane kind of career, you can enhance it by getting involved in charities and altruistic causes – causes that you believe in. These things are valuable in their own right, but in your case they will lead to connections that will enhance your career and public standing. In fact, in most cases, you are better known for your charitable and spiritual achievements than for your specialized ones.

The other message we get from this position is the importance of intuition in career decisions. The intuition is basically excellent and has to be trusted. In the short term intuition can lead to moves that seem strange and illogical. With hindsight, however, they are regarded as highly logical and rational. There is truly no conflict between logic and intuition. Intuition merely sees data not seen by the material, prosaic mind.

Our regular readers undoubtedly know that your financial planet is the Moon, Gemini, the fastest of all the planets. In any given month, the moon will move through all the signs and houses of your horoscope. Thus, money can come to you in a variety of ways and through a variety of people. It all depends on where the moon is on any given day, (and the aspects she receives). These show the short-term financial trends which are best dealt within the monthly reports.