Gemini Horoscope for 2016

You have just come out of a solid prosperity cycle. Years 2012 to 2014 have been pleasant and prosperous. Money becomes less of a focus these days however. Most of you have more or less attained to your financial goals and now it’s time to follow your greatest loves of reading, studying, communicating and opening your knowledge base. Jupiter entered your 3rd house of communication in July 2014 and is here until August 11 this year. Those of you with a lot of knowledge and expertise should start disseminating this knowledge through the written or spoken word. There’s more on this later.

The love life has been successful over the past few years. Love and social opportunities sought you out. Many of you married or went into intense relationships during this time. Now, your relationships get tested. The honeymoon period is greater than. Now the cosmos will want to show you if love is real or not. More details later.

Jupiter will be raised to your 4th house of home and family on August 11 and stay there well into next year. This often shows moves, renovations, or the acquisition of additional homes. Home and family will be a favorable area in the year ahead.

Neptune has been in your 10th house of career for some years now is able to be there for many more years. Thus you are more idealistic about your career. You long for a career that is meaningful, that is beneficial to the entire planet and all people. You are being shown how to perform this. More on this later.

Friendships have been unstable for some years now and this trend continues. Basically you are learning to manipulate societal instability.

Your most important areas of interest in 2016 are communication and intellectual interests (especially until August 11); home and family (from August 11 onwards); health and work (from June 15 to September 18); love, romance and social activities (January 1 to June 15 and September 18 onwards); sex, personal transformation and re-invention, occult studies, debt and repayment of debt; career; and friends, groups and group activities. You have so many interests this year, are careful not to spread yourself too thin.

Your areas of greatest fulfilment this year is communication and intellectual interests (until August 11); home and family (from August 11 onwards); and children, fun and personal creativity (until November 13).