Pisces Horoscope for 2016

There are plenty of exciting things happening in the coming year – at work. In love and in finance. It seems to be an active kind of year and you will need to watch your energy more.

The principal headline this year is Saturn’s move into Sagittarius, which began in December 2014. It is a stressful aspect that you will find in the next two years. It needs to show that you are working hard on your career. You are earning your success through sheer merit and not because of political pull or favouritism. This extra work forces you to watch your energy. Health will work properly, but more delicate than last year. More details on this later.

Jupiter moved into your 6th house of health and work in July of last year and he will be there until August 11. This is fantastic news for job seekers. Dream jobs could have already manifested, and if not, can still manifest themselves in the year ahead. Those suffering from health problems should hear the good news this year.

On August 11, Jupiter will be increased to your 7th house of love. So this is about me be a banner romantic year and it will last well into next year. More details later.

Pluto has been in your 11th house of friends for some years now is able to be here for several more years. Friends have been undergoing surgery and perhaps near-death kinds of experiences. Many a friendship is being tested these days.

Neptune, the ruler of your horoscope, has been put into your own sign since 2012. Spirituality is always important to you and these days more than ever. Your challenge will be tantamount to keep your feet on the ground now – especially when you are involved in your everyday outer affairs.

Uranus has been in your 2nd money house for some years now, and remains there for some time. This indicates major and dramatic financial changes happening. Financial highs are larger than usual, but the lows can be ultra quiet. Dealing with monetary instability is an important lesson for you these days.

Your most important areas of interest this year are the body, image and personal pleasure; finance; health and work (until August 11); love and romance (from August 11 onwards); religion, philosophy, foreign travel and higher education (from June 15 to September 18); career (from January 1 to June 15 and from September 18 onwards); and friends, groups and group activities.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year is health and work (until August 11); love and romance (from August 11 onwards); and sex, personal renovation, occult studies, debt and the repayment of debt (until November 13).