Capricorn Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

Ever since Jupiter moved into Leo in July 2014 you have been in a cycle of prosperity. This is expected to continue until August 11. You are catching the financial lucky breaks. Though you are no longer part of a speculator, there is luck in these things. Capricorns are usually not at the casinos, but they take other kinds of risks – business risks – and these seem blessed these days. Assets that you already own – especially homes or residential real estate – go up in value. The family as a whole appears to be prospering.

Jupiter is in your spiritual planet. His positive aspects to your financial planet, Uranus, signal that your financial intuition is a very good thing these days. It’s just a matter of trusting it. Intuition is the shortcut to wealth. Real intuition never violates logic; it just sees things that the logical mind has yet to be seen, and thus seems to violate logic. In hindsight, intuition is proven to be eminently logical. You will be exploring deeper into the spiritual dimensions of health this year. This began last year and continues.

By August 11, your important financial goals are achieved (if not completely. There is bothering least been good progress made towards them) and you can shift attention to other things. Appropriate financial aspects will continue after August 11, but they seem less prominent. With Saturn making subtle aspects to Uranus, you appear to be enjoying the art of money-making more. You seem comfortable with what you do here.

With Uranus ‘parked’ in your 4th house of home and family you are devoted to the home and family, but can earn from here as well. You are economically supportive of the family and they are supportive of you. A parent or parent figure is very involved in your finances. Family connections also seem significant financially.

This is a critical aspect of buying or selling a home and in residential real estate in general. Generally you are a cautious, conservative investor. Nonetheless, these days you seem to obtain more of a risk-taker. Start ups – especially the high-tech world or in real estate – are attractive. You are placed in a period – and this will continue for another few years – where you can achieve financial independence. This seems your goal.

With Uranus as your financial planet you are inclined to spend on new technology, and it seems a safe investment. Your technological expertise is critical regardless of the actual business you’re involved with, and it’s imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Your best fiscal periods will be taken from March 21 to April 19, July 23 to August 23 and November 22 to December 21.

Jupiter in your 8th house of transformation until August 11 often indicates an inheritance, as we have mentioned. Sometimes it is a literal inheritance – someone dies and you inherit money or property – but often it is metaphorical. You are called in someone’s will, or you are responsible for some administrative post in an estate. This transit shows the prosperity of the spouse, partner or current love and their generosity to you. It shows good fortune with either taking on or paying down debt – depending on need.

Career brings fulfilment this year and you seem successful. Nevertheless, you will be much more fruitful in 2016 when Jupiter enters your career house. Your career is ruled by fast-moving Venus, and thus there are many short-term trends that are best addressed in the monthly reports.