Capricorn Home and Family Horoscope 2016

As we have mentioned, this has been a turbulent area for some years now. Uranus has been in your 4th house for a while is able to be there for several more years.

There has been a lot of a crisis in the family unit these past few years. In many cases, the family unit has broken up. In other cases, there have been such dramatic change in the family and in family members that it is ‘as if’ the unit is broken.

You have the aspects for multiple moves or multiple renovations of the home. It’s as if the home environment is constantly being updated. Every time you think you have things ‘just right’, a new idea or a new concept comes and you change again. You are spending a lot of money on these things. This trend is very well in effect in the year ahead.

A parent or parent figure seems very restless and is travelling around from place to put. This person wishes to explore his or her personal freedom and seems to resent any kind of obligation. He or she is going through life-changing kinds of dramas. The marriage of the parent figure is very stressed and this could be assisting in the problem. Marriages often survive this kind of testing, but it isn’t easy. It takes much work and effort on both sides.

You have the aspects of someone who earns money from home or from a family business. You spend on the home and family but can learn from them as well. There’s more on this later.

Siblings and sibling figures have a peaceful home and family year. Children or children figures could have moved in the past year, but if not, it can still do something year. Grandchildren, if you have them, do not like to move this year, nor is it advisable. However, they will be travelling a lot and appear to be prospering.

Perhaps the most challenging part of this situation is the emotional instability – both within yourself and with family members. As we have mentioned, mood shifts can be swift and extreme and this is notoriously difficult to handle. Your own mood shifts can be controlled with meditation, but this will not necessarily control the mood swings of family members. It will help you deal with in a better way, though.

Renovations, construction and major repairs to the home are having good aspects all year, but especially from February 20 to April 20. Aspects of projects involving the beauty of the house – such as repainting or buying art objects for the home – are good from February 20 to March 17.