Capricorn Self-improvement Horoscope 2016

For the past year, the main headline here has been your spiritual life.

Last year psychic development was associated with the financial life. And this is so until August 11. You go down deeper into the non-physical, non-material sources of supply, to learn the laws involved and to adhere to sources. Without this understanding, financial independence, which you are craving these days, can be made as it should. Wealth, like health or happiness, is a condition of consciousness – a state of mind as some call it. If there are financial problems, they are to be integrated into a disconnection from this state – the state we call affluence. The solution is to make back into this state as quickly as possible. Easier said than done, I know, but with meditation and a sharp focus it can be done.

Everything we experience in life – without exception – is the result of our state of consciousness at a given time. The state of consciousness is the film and the outer life is the screen. If you don’t like the movie that’s playing it is useless to fiddle around with the screen – you must change the film. Change the film and a different movie will play – something more pleasing to you.

Your state of consciousness must express itself sooner or later. This is a spiritual law. So, if you are placed in the state of affluence, it must express itself in your world sooner or later. This is the spiritual way that we attain our financial goals.

This year as Saturn, the ruler of your horoscope, is on your spirit 12th house, you will learn how spirit – your state of consciousness – impacts on the body and personal appearance. Your body too is only a reflection of your state of consciousness – the sum total of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Change the state of consciousness and the actual physical body will change. If you want to get a slimmer body, enter the consciousness of being slim and trim. If you like a more muscular physique, going to the gym might be a help, but changing your consciousness will help more. The results will be more permanent.

The body can be moulded and shaped depending on the will. Your job is tantamount to entering the appropriate state of mind. The work will be done by a higher power – a great spiritual law. You are not obliged to concern yourself with ‘how’ this will happen. This is not in your business. Your only job is expected to be in the appropriate state of mind – of what you want your body to resemble.