Scorpio Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

As we mentioned, the principal financial headline is Saturn’s move from your own sign into Sagittarius, your money house. He will spend most of the year there are capable of being there for the next two years – a long-term trend.

How will you experience this Saturn transit? Much depends on you and your personal circumstances. Saturn is about reorganizing and reorder the finances in a better, more cosmic kind of way. His methodology is pressure. Stress. He gives the monetary life a ‘stress test’. In this stress test weaknesses get revealed and thus you are in a position to correct them.

We really don’t know our fiscal health in the good times. When the breaks come our way and Lady Luck sits beside us, many things get overlooked. Perhaps we are overpaying for that phone package or that internet connection. Perhaps we are unconcerned that debt is too high relative to earnings. Or that we overspent on that wardrobe or holiday. As long as the money is rolling in, these are considered trifles and we don’t bother. But when the times get tougher, when the breaks are not happening, when extra expenses and responsibilities arise, then these seemingly little things become important and we must take good care of them. The way you control your money becomes important. And this is Saturn’s function.

Dealing with this pressure is seldom pleasant. Nonetheless, the end result will be a good thing. We will be financially healthier than before. Saturn gives you the stress, gives you the crisis, but he also shows solutions. No matter how grave the financial situation seems to be there is always a solution.

Your experience of this transit will also depend on how reliable you have been in your financial life. For those who have been conscientious, Saturn will put on the stress, but you will be out richer than before. For those who have been irresponsible, this is a time where the bills come due. It can be quite traumatic. There can be law suits and bankruptcies. Past misdeeds have to be dealt with. However, these kinds of traumas as well will lead, eventually, to better financial health and better financial attitudes.

The good news here is that your financial planet. Jupiter, is on your 10th career house and is the most elevated (for most of the year) of all the planets. This appears in a strong focus here. And when times are hard, the focus is necessary. We have what we concentrate on. Finance needs your attention. This transit also shows appropriate pecuniary support from elders, bosses, parent figures and authority figures. Effective relations with the government are essential. The government seems to be playing a huge role in earnings. Pay raises and promotions are likely this year. You seem successful in your career.

There is luck in speculations until August 11. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t rely on this. The financial luck still needs sound fiscal management.

On August 11, your financial planet moves into Virgo, your 11th house. Friends are prospering and seem more supportive. It will be very nice to get involved with groups and organizations – there is a good bottom-line benefit. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest technology, it seems indispensable in your financial life. This transit favours online kinds of businesses or earnings from online activities.

Jupiter’s move into Virgo is wonderful for finance. It shows prosperity. You have extra responsibilities, but the money for them will come. The important thing is to make it through to August.