Scorpio Home and Family Horoscope 2016

Your 4th house of home and family is no longer in a house of power this year. Normally this would show a status qua kind of year. However, this year (and during the latter part of last year) your family planet Uranus is receiving fantastic aspects from Jupiter. So there are significant and positive developments happening.

The family situation hasn’t been happy the past few years. Pluto, the ruler of your horoscope, and Uranus have been made available for stressful aspect. This shows conflict with the family and most especially with a parent or parent figure. This conflict has been intense at times. There could be all a matter of break between you and the family. This person wishes to serve you, but not in the way that you would like. Happily, things are easier this year. The stressful aspect – though still in effect – is not as strong as it was situated in prior years. And, as we have mentioned, Jupiter is making subtle aspects to your family planet. Is there peace now? Perhaps not. However, there’s less conflict than before.

Finance seems to be playing a part in the better condition. Either you or the parent figure are being supportive financially. There appears to be good financial co-operation between you.

A move could happen this year – a fortunate one. The home is enlarged. The family circle is expanded – generally through birth or marriage. This plays a part in the better condition as well. Uranus has been made available for your 6th house of health and work for some years, indicating someone working from home, in a home office or home-based business. This has become the trend for many years and it continues. This aspect shows that you are making the home more healthy. You could be installing exercise or spa equipment in the home, or riding the home a healthier environment by removing toxic paints, or asbestos or toxic deposits around the home.

Renovations are pleasant all year, but especially from February 20 to April 1. If you’re decorating in cosmetic kind of approach – repainting or buying objects of beauty for the home – February 20 to March 17 is to be welcomed that.

A parent or parent figure has a fantastic social life this year. If he or she is single, there is romantic opportunity. A move is poorly likely this year.

You seem close with siblings and sibling figures this year – especially with the oldest. He or she could have had multiple moves in the past few years and the trend continues in the year ahead.

The spouse, partner or current love could have moved last year, and if not this could still be taken place in the year ahead. Children or children figures in your life are having intimate kind of family year. The same is valid for grandchildren, if you have them.