Scorpio Health Horoscope 2016

Health is much improved over the past few years. Saturn, the planet that was stressing you out, is mostly out of your sign. And when he returns from June 15 to September 18, he will only affect those born late in the sign of Scorpio – those of you with birthdays from November 19 to November 22. Saturn in your sign was very good for weight-loss regimes. If you needed them (and this still holds for Saturn’s return between June and September).

Uranus has been in your 6th house of health for many years now, as we have mentioned. This shows an experimentalism in health matters, a willingness to try new and untested therapies, new and cutting-edge health technologies.

It also shows, and we have mentioned this in past years. That your job now is to learn how you function personally – learn what works for you. We are all wired up very differently. Each person is a law unto themselves when it comes to health, and this is the time to find out.

Enjoyable though your health is, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following areas – the vulnerable areas in the year ahead: the colon, bladder and sexual organs; the head, face and scalp; the adrenals; muscles; and the ankles and calves. The reflexes for these areas are presented in the diagram overleaf.

The colon, bladder and sexual organs is always important for you and this year is no different. Libido has been more sluggish the past two years – the elimination system as well. There should be improvements here in the year ahead. Regular colonic irrigation is a great idea. Safe sex and sexual moderation are always important.

Regular scalp and facial massage will be good to help the important areas of the head and face, as will be craniometric therapy. Refrain from fear and anger, the two emotions that stress out the adrenals.

Excellent muscle tone is always important for you. Thus, vigorous physical exercise is good. Make sure you give the ankles moral support when you’re exercising, though. Ankles and calves should be regularly massaged.

Good emotional health is desirable for everyone, but it is especially significant for you. If there is discord in the family or the domestic front, the physical health is affected. However, also, you don’t feel healthy even though there might not be physical symptoms. Good health for you means physical fitness and sound emotional health. Make sure your moods are constructive and positive. Don’t let yourself become a victim of mood, but always be the master. Meditation will be a great help.

With your aspects, health problems can be coming from the memory body – they might not be what they are diagnosed to be. If memories get stimulated in a negative way, real symptoms can be produced. These symptoms feel real, but the way to treat them is to clean the undesirable memory. Past life regression might be a useful therapy in these cases.