Virgo Finance & Career Horoscope 2016

The year ahead seems prosperous Virgo, enjoy.

The north node of the Moon will spend most of the year ahead in your money house. This shows that financial activities bring fulfilment this year. Sometimes it also indicates ‘excess’ –, but this is a nice problem to dispose of.

The spouse, partner or current love could be feeling the opposite – deficiency in earnings or in the fiscal state. He or she seems unstable in this department, taking major risks, moving in new directions, and this can draw up a feeling of insecurity.

There are in addition indicators of prosperity in your chart too. Jupiter, as we have mentioned, will enter your sign on August 11. By itself this doesn’t produce tangible wealth, but it produces the feeling of wealth, the lifestyle of wealth (each according to their stage and status in life) or the image of wealth. One is placed on a grander scale. One lives ‘as if’ one were wealthy. And, generally, the wherewithal for this comes. You will dress and accessorize more expensively. You will project an image of wealth and others will perceive you as prospering.

Family support seems strong from August 11 onwards. A parent or parent figure seems generous.

Venus is in your financial planet. And, as our regular readers know, she is a fast-moving planet. In the course of a year, she will travel through all the signs and houses of your horoscope. Thus money and financial opportunities come to you in many ways and through many people and situations. It all hinges on where Venus is true on a given time and the aspects she receives. These short-term trends are best dealt within the monthly reports.

Venus will make a rare retrograde from July 25 to September 6. She only is the leader once every two years or so. These retrogrades do not be too good for overt financial actions or decision-making, but they are excellent for a review of the monetary situation. Then, when conceptual clarity has been attained, you will be prepared to move forward when Venus does. The fiscal decisions will be far better and more realistic.

There will be a lunar eclipse in your money house on April 4. This will produce vibrant financial changes – generally through an upheaval or crisis. The Cosmos tend to force you to make changes that have long been needed.

The spouse, partner or current love will be making numerous fiscal changes in the coming year. Their earnings, as we mentioned above, will be unstable and erratic. Sometimes they will be sky high – much more than was anticipated, but sometimes there will be a serious loss as well. He or she will have to know to ‘smooth out’ earnings, to set aside money from the good times to cover the bad times.

Job seekers have had admirable aspects since July last year and this trend is continued in the year ahead – especially until August 11. If a new – and good – job haven’t yet materialized, it can still take place in the year ahead. Job seekers should look to family and family connections. – this seems to be the source. It might also be nice to be involved in charities or good causes as they too can lead to employment.

Career seems fairly static this year – some years are like that. You seem contented with things as they are.