Virgo Health Horoscope 2016

Virgos are always focused on health, but this year less so than usual. Your 6th house is not in a house of power.

Saturn, as we mentioned, is the reason why most of the year in stressful aspect with you. Neptune too. By themselves these planets are not enough to cause sickness, but when they are accompanied by short-term planets you become more vulnerable to problems. This year, your most susceptible periods will be February 18 to March 20, May 21 to June 20 and November 22 to December 21. Be sure to rest and relax more those periods. Devote more time in health spas and treat yourself to massage or reflexology treatments.

The important thing is to maintain high energy levels. The body, as we understand it in astrology, is a dynamic energy system. It responds to and obeys the laws of energy. Because this is so, the energy changes caused by the movement of the planets affect the body either positively or negatively. When the cosmic energy is lower than predictable, we just need more rest. The Cosmos forces us to make tough decisions – to focus on the things that matter most and to let lesser things go. The idea is to maximize your energy and not fritter it away on inessentials.

There is much that can be done to enhance the health and prevent problems from developing. Pay heed to the following areas: the small intestine; the ankles and calves; the head and face; and the adrenals. Reflex points for these areas are shown in the diagram above.

The small intestine is monitored by Virgo and is always significant for you. Detaining the small intestine is always a beneficial health thing for you guy. The ankles and calves likewise are essential for Virgo. These should be periodically massaged. Give the ankles more support when exercising.

Regular scalp and facial massage will be wonderful. Craniometric therapy will also be good. When you massage the head and face you are not just strengthening these areas, but the whole body as well, as the head and face contain reflexes to the entire body.

To keep the adrenals healthy, you should refrain from anger and fear, as these two emotions particularly stress the adrenals.

Your Health planet Uranus is on your 8th house of regeneration this year. Thus safe sex and sexual moderation is also essential these days. Generally the tendency is tantamount to overdo it. Nonetheless, if you listen to the body (and not your mind) you will know when enough is sufficient.

This transit also signals the power of detox regimes, and you respond very well to these things. The 8th house also rules surgery and you seem to have been a trend towards this – but detaining will often achieve the same thing, although it takes longer. Get second opinions.